“Deck the Fall” with Harmony Decking

fall deck Photo by catalystbuiltMost people feel the backyard loses its luster once summer months come to an end. But here in the Northeast, fall brings more temperate weather to build, maintain, and relax in. This time of year is still perfect to enjoy the sunny days or to take in the cooler nights on your deck .

Time for Some Maintenance?

After a long, hot summer of steady use, your current deck is probably ready for a fresh coat of paint or wood stain. With cooler temperatures around the corner, it’s a great time to do some basic prep and maintenance on your deck. But if your deck needs more than a little TLC to bring it back to life or if you’re thinking of building a new deck, Harmony Decking is up for the job.

Thinking About Building?

Check out these three reasons why fall is a foolproof time to turn your dream deck into reality.

  1. Readily available crews: Due to a lower demand in the fall, crews are more readily availability at this time of year. This means consumers get their pick of the crews available. Choose a team that is capable and whose customer service is beyond reproach. At Harmony Decking, our customers consistently find that our team offers star service. One such satisfied customer is Ken from Eagleville, “We have been very satisfied with the quality of work, and their commitment to customer satisfaction.”
  2. More predictable weather: Let’s face it: Summer is primetime to enjoy the outdoors for barbecues and pool parties. But with unexpected thunderstorms and heat waves, summer is not always the friendliest when it comes to enjoying the outdoors. In September and October, temperatures and weather patterns are typically ideal for enjoying the outdoors and building outdoor structures without delays caused by weather.
  3. Less Disruptive Construction: With summertime activities wound down and fall activities, festivals, and sports taking up the calendar, fall is a great time to build simply because most people DON’T utilize their own yards as much. That means that any building you choose to do won’t limit your use of the backyard in the summer. 

Call the Deck Experts!

At Harmony Decking, our goal is to help you live in harmony with your own outdoor living space. Combined, we have over 30 years of experience. Let us help you plan your fall deck now. Call Harmony Decking at 215-290-7727 today!

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