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Will Ice Ruin My Deck?

With winter-weather quickly approaching, you’ve probably said goodbye to most of your deck-use for the year. But just because you’ve moved your activities indoors, doesn’t mean you should just neglect your deck! Protecting your deck against the winter weather can help you preserve the longevity of deck and cut down on springtime repair costs. If you’re wondering “will ice ruin my deck?” then fear not! Although the icy and snowy winter weather can be harsh on your deck, Harmony Decking has put together a helpful guide on how to protect a deck against ice and snow.

Preparing Your Deck for Ice and Snow

Ice and snow can look beautiful on your yard, but if you’re worried about how your deck will hold up through the winter, then check out these tips on protecting against ice and snow:

  • First things first – do a routine inspection of your deck and perform any basic maintenance that needs to be done. Our blog has some helpful tips. Look for any already existing damage, but also try to assess any potential for cracking or splitting. Getting ahead of the damage is a great way to save money and time once spring is finally here.
  • Next, repair or replace any boards and railings that need immediate fixing! Check out our blog on repairing or replacing railings here. 
  • Then, check the structural integrity of the deck. You need to inspect the joists, the screws, and the underbelly of the deck to ensure moisture hasn’t built up and that there’s not rot or mold. If there is, getting that fixed now is going to potentially thwart any collapse under snow and ice.
  • Finally, make sure you have a good shovel! Shoveling isn’t always necessary, but if you need to get through the snow on your deck, make sure you have a shovel that won’t damage it. You can look at our dos and don’ts of shoving your deck here!

Need Help with Winter Deck Repair? Call Harmony Decking!

If you’re still wondering “will ice ruin my deck?”, then give the experts a call for some peace of mind! Harmony Decking can help you prepare your deck for winter. We perform basic deck maintenance, inspect your deck for damage, and even help you replace or repair railings. Harmony Decking knows just what to do to protect a deck for any weather so you can enjoy it fully in the spring! Call Harmony Decking at 215-290-7727 today for more information! Or fill out our online form.

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