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Deck Fire Pit Safety: 5 Tips with Harmony Decking

Summer is winding down and cooler nights are just on the horizon. You probably have one thing on your mind: getting the most out of your deck and fire pit before it gets too cold to sit outside. But before you settle down to make s’mores and exchange campfire stories, it’s time to go over deck fire pit safety!

5 Safety Tips for Your Deck Fire Pit

Whether you have a fireplace or a fire pit on your deck, it’s imperative you take precautionary measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Here are 5 must-follow tips:

  1. Location check – make sure nothing flammable is within ten feet of your fire pit! That includes plants, toys, furniture, and the side of your house! If your fire pit or place was built into your deck, you’ve hopefully already planned for this. Double check you’re clear before starting that fire.
  2. Double check the weather – those mellow summer nights are slipping away and fall is almost here. Unpredictable weather is a given. Watch for wind and drought. Wind can blow ashes around and low moisture can cause dry plants and air to catch fire more easily.
  3. Keep your eye on sparks and ash – flyaway ash can land on clothes, plants, pets, and more. Coal burning fire pits can minimize this risk.
  4. Only use approved wood and coal in your fire pit – burning things like stained wood and even household plastics and papers can release toxins or create unnecessary danger.
  5. Keep a fire extinguisher handy – accidents happen. Be prepared for anything by having an extinguisher on hand and familiarizing yourself with how to operate it.

For All Your Decking Needs, Call Harmony Decking

If you’re thinking about upgrading your fire pit or even building a new deck, then look no further than Harmony Decking! The deck experts at Harmony Decking know exactly how to ensure your deck is as safe as possible, including any fire pits or places. For more information on deck safety, maintenance, and installation call us at 215-290-7727. Interested in a free consultation? Fill out our online form! And now that you know everything you need to know about deck fire pit safety, grab those marshmallows. It’s time to get roasting!

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