Top Tips For Fall Deck Maintenance

Fall Deck MaintenanceAs summer weather slowly fades, we may find some respite in the cooler weather of autumn. While the days are growing shorter, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy our outdoor spaces—and plenty of time for tackling fall deck maintenance.

Top Tips For Fall Deck Maintenance

Don’t Leave the Leaves!

You may think that allowing leaves to linger for weeks until most or all of the leaves have fallen sounds like a time-saving idea. Yet we caution you against this. Leaves that are allowed to remain cause big trouble:

  • They provide safe harbor for pesky allergens. Mold and pollen linger in leaf piles, irritating autumnal allergies.
  • They give home to all sorts of creepy crawlers. You may not mind bugs, but we doubt you want them to set up shop on your deck. Allowing leaves to sit in a wet moldy pile invites beetles, spiders, and other insects that make your deck unsightly. Of course, for major bug infestations, you may need to try some serious combat.
  • They allowed for discoloration and damage due to mold growth. Mold is one of the biggest culprits of major home destruction. Don’t allow avoidance of a chore to lead to moldy mayhem.

For these reasons, it’s best to sweep up leaves on a weekly basis.

Be Your Own Deck Inspector

Scope out the beams, posts, rails, and steps on your deck. If you notice any wobbling parts or wider gaps, repair them immediately. Of course, a professional deck company is your best bet to ensure that you don’t miss any problems, but independently inspecting your deck can go a long way towards finding problems before they become worse.

Swab (And Seal) The Deck

Sometimes as we wind towards fall, we think cleaning our decks isn’t as necessary because we don’t intend to use it on a regular basis. This could not be farther from the truth. Giving your deck a good scrub or pressure wash to remove all remaining debris and gunk. If you have a wood deck, follow that up with a fresh coat of water repellent sealant to protect from the upcoming winter weather.

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