Quick Tips for Summer Deck Care

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If you love spending summer outdoors as much as we do, your deck has probably already seen quite a bit of use this season. And if you’ve followed our advice about spring cleaning your deck, it’s probably still in pretty good shape! Here are a few of our best pieces of advice for summer deck care and maintenance.


  • Keep umbrellas closed when not in use to protect them from the elements (and from blowing away in the wind)
  • Be sure to tip your aluminum furniture when expecting rain. This helps the rain run off and avoid pools where bugs can breed. 
  • Bring wicker, steel, fiber, and iron furniture inside or under cover when expecting rain. Wicker and fiber will absorb water, which can lead to mold, mildew, and warping. Steel and iron can rust and break or stain your deck. 


  • Sweep dirt, debris, and dust regularly.
  • Clean up food spills and grill grease ASAP. You never know what could stain your deck if allowed to sit for too long. 
  • Don’t use a power washer. It may seem like a quick way to clean your deck, but it can severely damage the building material and void your warranty. A regular hose + spray nozzle will work just fine. For deep cleaning, contact a professional.


  • Take advantage of the great weather to check your deck for signs of rot, loose boards, wobbly railings, and signs of critters. It’s better to learn about and address these issues now than to wait until winter, when you might forget about them and potentially uncover a much bigger issue in the spring. 

We hope you enjoy these quick summer deck care tips to keep your deck in good shape. With proper maintenance, you can enjoy it for the whole summer (and many more to come)! Need help with your inspection, repairs, or even a renovation? The skilled contractors at Harmony Decking are just waiting to put their 30 years of experience at your service. 

Call us at 215-290-7727 or visit our website for more information and to contact us today. Whatever the job size, we’re happy to serve you!

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