Spruce Up Your Deck for Spring

Spring has Sprung Deck MaintenanceSpring is finally here. And after a long and arduous winter of ice and snow, we all deserve to enjoy some time outdoors. The best way to set yourself up for a spring season filled with fun and relaxation in your own backyard is to take some steps now for after-winter deck maintenance and spring cleaning.

Square Away Your Deck Repairs

After the heavy, wet snow in the Northeast this past winter, it’s incredibly important to inspect your deck for any safety issues that may have arisen. Begin with a simple check; look for:

  • Wobbly railings or ballusters,
  • Loose floorboards,
  • Loose or wobbling stairs,
  • Or rotting wood.

Rotting or molding wood shows itself in a variety of ways, but look out for:

  • patches of wood that are discolored,
  • splintered beams,
  • or boards that give easily beneath your weight.

Be especially vigilant with areas near the stairs and wherever the supporting elements of the deck come in contact with the ground.

If you notice any issues, then calling in a professional deck team is a great idea. It will ensure that you can enjoy your deck safely with your loved ones. Then, once you’re sure your deck is safe, you’ll be ready to give it a good clean.

Spruce Up Your Deck with Spring Cleaning

You may be feeling overwhelmed with thought of spring cleaning the outside of your house as well as the inside. However, there are a few simple steps you and your family can take to have your deck spic and span in no time!

  • Sweep away debris that has accumulated.
  • Clear away any cobwebs.
  • Use a deck-friendly spray to clean your deck.
  • Scrub down your outdoor furniture.

Now that your deck is safe and clean, you may want check out some of the most enticing deck trends to enhance and improve your outdoor space.

Don’t wait for the warm weather to be upon us. Jump ahead of the busy schedules of spring by preparing your deck now. Call 215-290-7727 to speak to your local deck experts at Harmony Decking, and we will have your deck ready before the spring weather has sprung.

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