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Deck Lighting: How To Light Up The Night

how to enjoy your deck at nightWhen you think about your deck, most of your time, energy, and budget goes into the basics: deck furniture, deck installation, and maintenance. However, there is an up-and-coming trend in deck design: deck lighting. Increased opportunities abound to enhance your deck’s ambiance through creative lighting.

Harmony Decking Spotlights Superior Deck Lighting Options

Our team at Harmony Decking loves constructing the perfect deck for every home. That means that for the perfect deck, we use only the highest quality products from TimberTechⓇ and AzekⓇ. Check out our favorite lighting options produced by these top-tier companies.

  • Accent Lights: For understated lighting that adds a soft and subtle glow, we recommend adding accent lights. Installing them on a vertical surface, such as railings, creates an effect of a cascading waterfall of light.
  • Post Cap Lights: We can easily install post cap lights directly in between your railing and railing caps. The effect is unassumingly elegant—a truly spectacular option.
  • In-Deck Lights: In-deck lights can be easily mounted within your composite deck surface space. They are unobtrusive and small enough to fit in any available space. But we especially like to use them around deck perimeters for added safety and a soft, warm glow.
  • Riser Lights: Riser lights are installed directly in your risers, or stairs. More than just a simple addition of luminous lighting, these lights are a sparkling safety feature. Similar to movie theater lighting, riser lights light the pathway up the stairs at night.
  • Under-Rail Lights: Another ambient lighting and stellar safety feature, under-rail lights are the perfect partnership between aesthetics and safety.

No matter what your color scheme or lighting needs are, Harmony Decking can help! There are countless lighting options, and lighting is a great way to highlight your deck’s features and make it safer and more enjoyable for your family and friends.

Living (and Loving) the Deck Life with Harmony Decking

There is still plenty of deck weather remaining this season. Don’t miss out on beautiful deck days and memorable deck nights. Call Harmony Decking today for a consultation on creating your dream deck for this season and many more to come.

Deck Building Bucks County Pa Homeowners Love

deck building bucks county paFrom the moment you chose your house, either by designing it yourself or falling in love with it on your search as a buyer, you began creating a home in your vision. Why should your deck be any different? For a deck that will enhance your Bucks County PA home, check out our suggestions.

Deck Building Bucks County PA Homeowners Love!

Based on our experience as deck builders and homeowners, we’ve learned how to get maximum enjoyment out of our decks. From location to size to style, we can help you design the perfect deck.

Perfect Placement:

Most homeowners assume that they should have the deck right off the back door. And while that’s a convenient choice when it comes to easily taking meals and supplies from inside to out, that’s not always the best choice for your yard. If there’s a lot of sun in a certain area, extensive landscaping in another, or you already have a pool in place, you may want to think about placing your deck with these considerations in mind.

Size and Style:

Decks aren’t one-size-fits-all entities. So how big does your deck need to be? Consider the following:

  • Do I want storage on my deck? If so, how much? Storage for outdoor supplies is a game-changer and can make life much simpler!
  • What will I do on my deck? Eat family meals? Entertain a crowd? Cook? Relax? Depending on the number of people you’ll want to have on your deck and how many ways you’re likely to use it, the size will change.
  • Will one level suffice? Or do I prefer the option and appearance of multiple levels? One level is standard, but more than one level can allow for more flexibility.

Low Maintenance:

For the best of both worlds, we often recommend composite decking made to look like real wood. Composite deck materials are high quality and low maintenance. Unlike wood decks that require more maintenance and deteriorate more quickly overtime, the composite materials we use have a 30-year limited warranty with no annual sealing required. That means less deck maintenance and more deck fun!

Call Harmony Decking For Deck Building Bucks County PA Homes Deserve!

Haven’t you waited long enough to have your dream deck? Call Harmony Decking today and set an appointment for a free consultation. We are the local experts for deck building Bucks County PA homes deserve and we’d love to share our dynamic deck design ideas with you!

Deck Maintenance to Prepare For Making Memories This Season

deck maintenanceImagine your deck as a boat, protecting anyone on it from the dangers of the deep blue sea. We bet you’d be extra cautious about preparing it for a several months long voyage. Well, then why is it we often only give our decks a cursory glance before expecting them55 to hold up to the spring and summer seasons? Join us for deck maintenance 101.

Deck Maintenance 101: Start From The Ground And Work Your Way Up

  • Focus on the Foundation: Look closely at the foundational beams, especially where they meet the ground. As moisture can be trapped here, these areas tend to weaken sooner than others. While you’re completing each of the other inspection points, check the wood in each area. You can do this by taking a skinny sharp tool, such as an ice pick to any seemingly weak area. If the ice pick pokes through the wood, you’ve probably got rot and decay.
  • Scrutinize the steps: Take care to stand and even bounce on the balls of your feet on each step. If any of the stairs feel wobbly or weak beneath your step, you likely need to replace boards and screws.
  • Concentrate on Joints and Fasteners: These areas are key to your deck’s support, so they take a lot of pressure. It’s important to look closely for splitting at the joints and rusted fasteners, such as screws, nails, and bolts.
  • Examine the Flashing: The flashing is a waterproof material installed where the deck is attached to your house. It protects your home from water damage, rot, and decay. This often overlooked but frequent flier in the area of safety concerns deserves extra attention.
  • Scrutinize the Railings: Wobbly, split, or broken railings need immediate attention. These railings protect you, your family, and your guests from potentially serious falls and injuries.

Not sure about whether or not your deck needs minor repairs or massive overhaul? Contact our expert team at Harmony Decking. We are experienced in building durable, dream decks that require less deck maintenance that standard wood.

Make Sure Your Deck Is In Check This Year!

Deck season has surely arrived. But before you fire up the grill and kick your feet up, these key tasks need to be checked off your deck-to-do list. Call Harmony Decking today for your appointment to ensure your deck is safe. Before you know it, you’ll be prepared to set sail to your deck destination.

Make Your Deck a Destination!

As the weather is finally warming up in northeast, many of us are longing to spend more of our free time outside. Whether you like to soak in some early morning or late afternoon sunshine or take advantage of the warmer nights coming our way, the best destination for any activity is closer than you think. Take a breather from the local pub or coffee shop, and turn your deck into your favorite hangout!

Create Your Own Local Destination

As one of our top 5 deck design trends of 2018, transforming your deck into something special is definitely the most fun!

    • Rejuvenating Mornings: Why go to the neighborhood coffee shop when you can head to a place that always has a table open and your coffee in stock? Keep those pajamas on and step aside in comfort to enjoy your favorite brew. Or consider the beauty of your own yoga space right outside. As the sun comes up, you’ll be well into your sequence.
    • Relaxing Afternoons: After a long day at work, time and space to unwind is a must. There’s no need to go in search of a place to go that will offer what you need. Simply, walk out onto your deck and breathe deep. Add a freestanding hammock and you’ll be ready to enjoy a peaceful afternoon out back.
    • Lively (or Lowkey) Nights: Bars have long been a destination for a night off, and breweries have become quite popular. Why not create your own vibe on your very own dream deck ready? The closest hot spot is even closer than you realize! Plus with the addition of specialty lighting beneath your rails or within your steps, you decide when last call is.

Transform Your Deck Into a Replica of Your Favorite Resort!

Beyond your local favorites, you can choose specific color combination and design your furniture choices to replicate the vibe of your dream vacation destination. From the southwest to to island flair, from Old World & Traditional to Contemporary & Modern, your deck can be anything you can imagine.

Harmony Decking: The (Destination) Deck Experts

For a deck that makes you happier than ever to be home, call Harmony Decking. We will help you create your own private oasis or happening hot spot right in your own backyard. Don’t waste another beautiful day—call us today!

Spruce Up Your Deck for Spring

Spring has Sprung Deck MaintenanceSpring is finally here. And after a long and arduous winter of ice and snow, we all deserve to enjoy some time outdoors. The best way to set yourself up for a spring season filled with fun and relaxation in your own backyard is to take some steps now for after-winter deck maintenance and spring cleaning.

Square Away Your Deck Repairs

After the heavy, wet snow in the Northeast this past winter, it’s incredibly important to inspect your deck for any safety issues that may have arisen. Begin with a simple check; look for:

  • Wobbly railings or ballusters,
  • Loose floorboards,
  • Loose or wobbling stairs,
  • Or rotting wood.

Rotting or molding wood shows itself in a variety of ways, but look out for:

  • patches of wood that are discolored,
  • splintered beams,
  • or boards that give easily beneath your weight.

Be especially vigilant with areas near the stairs and wherever the supporting elements of the deck come in contact with the ground.

If you notice any issues, then calling in a professional deck team is a great idea. It will ensure that you can enjoy your deck safely with your loved ones. Then, once you’re sure your deck is safe, you’ll be ready to give it a good clean.

Spruce Up Your Deck with Spring Cleaning

You may be feeling overwhelmed with thought of spring cleaning the outside of your house as well as the inside. However, there are a few simple steps you and your family can take to have your deck spic and span in no time!

  • Sweep away debris that has accumulated.
  • Clear away any cobwebs.
  • Use a deck-friendly spray to clean your deck.
  • Scrub down your outdoor furniture.

Now that your deck is safe and clean, you may want check out some of the most enticing deck trends to enhance and improve your outdoor space.

Don’t wait for the warm weather to be upon us. Jump ahead of the busy schedules of spring by preparing your deck now. Call 215-290-7727 to speak to your local deck experts at Harmony Decking, and we will have your deck ready before the spring weather has sprung.

The Best Time to Build a Deck

best time to build a deckNow that winter is slowly coming to an end, many of us are looking ahead to the brighter days of spring. As we imagine blue skies, warm breezes, and sun-dappled lawns, we are simply bursting to be out in the fresh air. One of the most delightful places to enjoy the beauty of spring is on your very own deck. The team at Harmony Decking, your local deck experts, has some tips for those considering a new deck or an upgrade on the old one. We also have some tips on why the offseason is the best time to build a deck.

When is the best time to build a deck?

Now! Seriously, don’t wait another moment to set up a consultation with an experienced deck company. Since late winter is still the off-season for decks, you’re more likely to have your deck built in the shortest amount of time. Plus, you’ll be more likely to find a quality decking company that fits your needs and still has availability.

Where is the best spot for a deck?

Stretch your imagination! Your deck doesn’t have to be a straight platform off of your back door. The sky is the limit! Well, perhaps not the sky, but in all honesty, there are so many locations on a property that can sustain a deck. The best way for us to help you determine the best location on your property is to invite us out for a free consultation. During this time, we can consider the available space, as well as the standard sun/shadow expectation, best view, and height/level possibilities. We love helping customers create spaces that suit their space and their tastes. Plus, we can help guide you on the latest deck trends.

Why is Harmony Decking the best company for decks?

When you’re considering any major investment for your home, you want to be sure you’re making a wise choice in the company you hire. Our customers agree that working with our team at Harmony Decking led them to their dream decks. They love our dedication to helping them determine and achieve their vision. They appreciate our timeliness, honesty, and integrity, and they value our expertise and competitive pricing. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated by providing them with a quality of service that is beyond comparison.

Say Hello to Spring with Harmony Decking

Before you know it, spring will be here in all its glory. This is the best time to build a deck, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to have your dream deck this season. Call Harmony Decking today to schedule your free consultation, and your deck can be ready to welcome the springtime!

Harmony Decking’s Dynamite Deck Trends Predictions of 2018

deck trendsAs more and more people view their decks as extensions of their homes, deck designs and themes continue to evolve. Here we are with our top deck trends for 2018. Read on for inspiration!

Trend #1: Are Your Floors in Distress?

Composite flooring is nothing new when it comes to decks. Homeowners have learned the ease of ownership of composite decking over pressure-treated wood. So, what’s new? Grays are the cool color taking over decks. Both simple and elegant, gray can accentuate any color or design palate. Gray decks hint at stone or enduring wood in an eye-catching way.

Trend #2: Bringing the Inside Out

A continuing trend from last year is extending the living space. Homeowners are viewing decks as an extension of their homes and choosing comfortable furniture. Consider adding partial covering so your deck can be used all year round. Who says a deck is only meant for summer? 

Trend #3: Your Deck as a Destination

How much do you love your new local coffee shop or brewery? Locations such as these are popular for a reason–we all find them fun and enjoyable! This is exactly why we anticipate homeowners creating funky designs in their own backyards. Your deck is the perfect platform for making your own local hotspot!

Trend #4: Decks in Different Places

There’s nothing wrong with a standard deck off the back of your home. But why limit yourself? Rooftop decks aren’t just for the city anymore. Residential homeowners can enjoy the unique setting and view from the roof as well. Also inching its way up the deck trend charts is the standalone deck. There’s no law that says we must have decks directly outside our backdoor. Placing a deck in the most comfortable spot in your yard based on sunlight and privacy is becoming a deciding factor for savvy homeowners. 

Trend #5: Light Up the Night!

Gone is the limit of the bright flood light or the bug-loving backdoor light. Up-and-coming lighting options are lovely and luminous:

  • Recessed lighting such as riser lighting and in-deck lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Lighted Island cap or post cap lights
  • Under rail lighting

Harmony Decking: Dynamic Deck Builders

Feeling inspired? So are we! Whether you consider yourself trendy or traditional, Harmony Decking can help you create the perfect outdoor oasis for you. Even if you already have a deck, but you think you’re ready to upgrade, we can help. Contact the local deck experts at Harmony Decking today and let us help you design the deck of your dreams.

Prep Your Deck for Winter With Tips from the Experts

winter deck prep

To keep your deck in top shape, prepare it for winter.

Inspect Your Deck

Working on your deck in the winter may seem strange; however, when the snow and ice are coming, strong boards and sturdy railings are extra important. Inspect for and repair any damage that you notice. Where should you look?

  • Mildew and mold often grow on decks beneath items such as furniture, potted plants, and grills. Check these areas thoroughly to determine if any boards need replacing.
  • Weak, springy, or cracked boards should also be replaced.
  • Missing nails or screws often are the culprit behind wobbly rails or springy boards. Check to see if new nails or screws are the easy fix or if the deck itself needs replacing.
  • Wobbly deck railings must be replaced immediately to ensure no one has a dangerous slip and fall.

Prepare Your Deck

Preparing your deck seasonally is important. Taking the right steps ahead of time can ensure your deck stays in a safe condition year-round. For winter time, there are a several things you should do to ready your deck, if you haven’t already done so: 

  1. Bring in or cover all outdoor furniture.
  2. Sweep away any accumulated debris.
  3. Wash the surface of your deck with a mild soap and warm water. Or depending on what your deck is made of, you can purchase a specialized cleaning solvent.
  4. For wood decks, gently sand the surface to prepare the deck for sealant.
  5. Apply a water-repellent sealant to the surface. Check out the manufacturer directions for your deck and any sealant BEFORE you apply.
  6. Consider applying some non-slip adhesive strips on frequently used stairs.

At Harmony Decking, we want to make sure your dream deck stays safe in winter. Be sure to follow our tips on winter deck prep, and read our tips about winter deck maintenance, too. Call in our expert team with all of your decking needs.

5 Favorite Deck Design Ideas: Explored by Harmony Decking

Decks are perfect for entertaining a crowd or relaxing solo. While some are simple and small, others are large and intricate. When we also consider deck decor of varying styles and tastes, the possibilities for your backyard deck are endless! If you’re considering adding a new deck or refurbishing your existing deck, explore five popular deck design ideas with the deck experts at Harmony Decking.

  • Platform Decks: This is the simplest deck of any on our list. It’s attached with a ledger to the ground level floor of your home. Since platform decks don’t require as many supportive materials or railings, they are one of the most budget-friendly decks you can choose. However, platform decks’ proximity to the ground necessitates extra waterproofing to protect the flooring from moisture damage.
  • Raised Decks: Raised decks are constructed for homes whose first floors are above ground level. These decks require railings for safety. They also may have exposed support beams, which can be hidden by lattice.
  • Two-Story Decks: Two-story decks complicate the building process but make up for complications in space and access to both the first and second floors of your home.
  • MultiLevel Decks: Multilevel decks are perfect for homeowners who want the appeal of a sprawling deck and a diverse lounging experience. These decks allow for freedom to enjoy the varying temperatures of your yard based on shade or direct sunlight.
  • Freestanding Decks: Freestanding decks are not attached to the home and allow for more flexibility in terms of where your deck is located. If your home isn’t conducive to attaching a deck to its main level or if multilevel decks don’t appeal to you, a freestanding deck is a great choice! A huge benefit is that you can take advantage of the best spot in your yard!

Don’t Delay. Call the Deck Experts at Harmony Decking Today!

Harmony Decking has expert craftsmen ready to help you design and build your dream deck. Call us for a free consultation to discuss these and more deck design ideas. We will help you turn your backyard dream into a designer deck reality!

Is Your Deck Falling Apart?

keep your deck from falling apartThe unseasonably warm weather this fall has allowed all of us some additional outdoor enjoyment. However, as prime time for actively using your deck comes to an end, we have a few more safety measures to advise you of before you close up shop on seasonal deck time.

Even if the surface of your deck looks fine, hidden dangers may lurk. The hardest areas to spot these dangers are in the area beneath the deck, along with corners and other areas inspected less frequently. In this blog, we will explain how to recognize hidden risks that could lead to your deck falling apart.


When decks are built, experienced contractors have to think about what is below your deck as much as what the deck is made of. Many decks are built off of the main level of the home, so builders have to allow for adequate opportunities for airflow. Otherwise, moisture and rotting debris become trapped. This leads to a rotting foundation. We use two simple methods to ensure proper airflow.

  1. One choice is skirting the space between the base of the deck and the ground with a lattice or boards. This allows air to move.
  2. When air circulation is severely limited, we use pressure-treated lumber with a higher pcf. PCF simply means it has a higher preservative percentage and can withstand harsher conditions.


Railings themselves are helpful in keeping everyone safely on deck. However, how they are installed can lead to an unexpected issue. The best method for installation of railings occurs when the railings are attached efficiently, without overusing nails. Too many nails can split the lumber, creating pockets in which moisture can collect.


When inspecting decks, many people overlook the importance of checking how the deck is adhered to the home. Decks that are installed improperly often miss out on the proper sizing and placement of the ledger. This is the piece of metal installed between the home and the deck. It’s used to keep moisture and natural debris from collecting. Many builders neglect to allow for a slight overhang of the ledger beyond the juncture it is protecting.

Call Harmony Decking for a Consultation Today!

Our team at Harmony Decking has a passion for building the perfect deck for each customer we work for. Beyond this, we also like to make sure that our customers know all about maintaining their deck to be as safe as possible. Contact Harmony Decking today to schedule a deck inspection today.