Prep Your Deck for Winter With Tips from the Experts

winter deck prep

To keep your deck in top shape, prepare it for winter.

Inspect Your Deck

Working on your deck in the winter may seem strange; however, when the snow and ice are coming, strong boards and sturdy railings are extra important. Inspect for and repair any damage that you notice. Where should you look?

  • Mildew and mold often grow on decks beneath items such as furniture, potted plants, and grills. Check these areas thoroughly to determine if any boards need replacing.
  • Weak, springy, or cracked boards should also be replaced.
  • Missing nails or screws often are the culprit behind wobbly rails or springy boards. Check to see if new nails or screws are the easy fix or if the deck itself needs replacing.
  • Wobbly deck railings must be replaced immediately to ensure no one has a dangerous slip and fall.

Prepare Your Deck

Preparing your deck seasonally is important. Taking the right steps ahead of time can ensure your deck stays in a safe condition year-round. For winter time, there are a several things you should do to ready your deck, if you haven’t already done so: 

  1. Bring in or cover all outdoor furniture.
  2. Sweep away any accumulated debris.
  3. Wash the surface of your deck with a mild soap and warm water. Or depending on what your deck is made of, you can purchase a specialized cleaning solvent.
  4. For wood decks, gently sand the surface to prepare the deck for sealant.
  5. Apply a water-repellent sealant to the surface. Check out the manufacturer directions for your deck and any sealant BEFORE you apply.
  6. Consider applying some non-slip adhesive strips on frequently used stairs.

At Harmony Decking, we want to make sure your dream deck stays safe in winter. Be sure to follow our tips on winter deck prep, and read our tips about winter deck maintenance, too. Call in our expert team with all of your decking needs.

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