Deck Types and Options For Your Dream Deck

ground floor deck no railing

You’ve decided to build a deck, and now you need to get ideas for how to design it. In theory, a deck can be almost any shape. You’ll want to consider factors like how you plan to use your deck, the terrain of your property, layout of your home, and your budget. In practice, these are the constraints within which you must work to create the deck of your dreams. We’ve compiled a list of standard deck layouts to get you started thinking.  

Deck Types and Options

Ground level decks – These are simple deck structures, usually placed on flat ground (though sometimes they can be put on a slope).  They often don’t require any railing, and make a great breakfast space, entryway, outdoor mudroom, or patio.

Raised decks – This is the most common type of deck, usually placed the first or on first or second level of the home.  In many cases, raised decks offer outdoor access to upper level rooms.  Raised decks always require a railing.

Multi-level decks – Multi-level decks allow you to work around landscape obstacles such as slopes, unsuitable terrain, etc.  You can also create separate spaces for different purposes.  For example, a multi-level deck off of a kitchen can have a grill and dining area, and a separate seating area below–perfect for entertaining!  You can even descend a hill in stages for different views.  Multi-level decks are more complex to design and construct.

Wraparound decks – These are a popular option.  They offer two or more entrances to the home, and shade and sun different times of day.  Wraparound decks are also great for entertaining both large and small gatherings on the same space.

Multiple decks – Creating more than one deck allows you to work around uneven terrain, and/or create a totally unique design. In many cases, a few small decks are often easier and less expensive to build than one large one.

Start Designing Your Dream Deck with Harmony Decking

Harmony Decking makes it easy to build a quality deck for your home.  We will help you through the entire process, and alleviate the stress that comes with making a home addition.  If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  You’re only one phone call away from building the deck you’ve always dreamed!

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