Harmony Decking’s Ultimate Winter Outdoor Furniture Storage Guide

outdoor winter furniture storage

Rapidly dropping temperatures and the looming threat of snow can leave some deck owners in a panic when it comes to winter outdoor furniture storage.

What should I do with my outdoor furniture? Can I leave it outside? Do I need to put it in my house? What will happen if I let it sit out all winter?

The answer to all of these questions comes down to one factor: material. It’s key to understand the material that your outdoor furniture is made of in order to make an educated decision about where to store it in the winter.

Harmony Decking’s Ultimate Winter Outdoor Furniture Storage Guide

We know it can be complicated to search for the various ways to care for the many materials used to make outdoor furniture, so we put together this helpful guide so that you know exactly what to do with your outdoor furniture this season.


The many pores and cracks in wicker furniture make it susceptible to expanding and contracting with changes in moisture, meaning your furniture may be cracked come springtime. Bring your wicker furniture indoors if you’re not looking to replace it once the weather warms up. 


Steel-framed furniture is another type that is vulnerable to changes in moisture and temperature. The risks of rust and cracking increase over time, so you’re better off bringing it inside and away from the elements this winter.


Known for its light weight, you wouldn’t think that aluminum would be able to stand up to the harsh winter elements, but aluminum is actually the toughest of all patio furniture. If you lack the indoor space to clear away your outdoor furniture, or you just don’t feel like bringing it indoors – aluminum outdoor furniture is the choice for you!

Natural Stone

The cracks and crevices that make natural stone furniture so pretty are also responsible for making it at risk of breaking if left out in the winter. If water enters the cracks and expands with the cold, your favorite tabletop could wind up breaking in two! 

Fabric Materials

You should already be putting away your outdoor cushions and pillows when they aren’t in use, but if you like leaving them out all season, you should be warned that they don’t fare so well in the harsh winter temperatures. Save yourself the hassle of replacing your fabric materials in the spring and bring in your pillows and cushions before winter hits. 

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