Winter Deck Tips: Do’s and Don’ts


This time of year our decks don’t get much attention, aside from a few longing gazes as we stare at them from indoors and dream of summer. A snow-covered deck, however, just means that spring is next in line. When you’re ready to host the season’s first barbecue party, make sure your deck looks great the moment the white stuff melts! Harmony Decking has some tips that will help you keep your deck protected all winter long.

Harmony Decking is a decking company in Warrington, PA. We have built our business on honesty and fairness so that our clients can trust who they are doing business with. In this blog we’ll show you all of the right ways to treat your deck during the winter, as well as a few things to avoid.

Protect Your Deck

What many people don’t realize is that their decks need a little TLC here and there to last as long as possible. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for handling your deck between fall and spring:

  1. Do prepare – Before the snow falls, it’s a good idea to give your deck a good wash. Stains can deteriorate deck wood over time so you want to remove them before they sit under a blanket of snow and ice for days at a time. Use a bleach-free cleaner made for wood to preserve the quality of your deck. Then apply a water-resistant finish to really toughen it up.
  2. Do use wood-friendly de-icers – Avoid slips and falls; make sure your deck is safe to walk on after leftover snow and water turns to ice! Rock salt–particularly the dyed type–is NOT a good choice. Rather than having your deck become stained and corroded by the harsh chemicals in rock salt, opt for safer alternatives such as ammonia sulfate.
  3. Don’t use a metal shovel – Your deck should be able to withstand a couple feet of snow, but if you’re going to shovel it off, go with plastic tools. Metal can scrape or dent the wood (without you even knowing it) and leave you with a scratched-up deck come spring. Make sure you shovel with the grain of the wood, not against it!
  4. Don’t leave out your plants – Your potted plants might not be faring too well this time of year anyway, but they’ll be in much worse shape if you leave them out on your deck all winter long. The wood itself runs the risk of getting damaged, as moisture can get trapped between the pot and the deck’s surface, causing dirty marks and mold to accumulate.

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