Decking the Halls for Winter & Fall: Harmony’s Top Cold Weather Decorating Tips

Have you already worked with Harmony Decking to build the outdoor space of your dreams? If so, you’ve probably got one of the best looking houses on your street. Still, decorating for the holidays can be one of the most fun parts of having a deck. We put together a list of our top cold weather decorating tips so you can be sure to have the snazziest outdoor space on your block. 

top cold weather decorating tips


The time for pumpkin carving may have come and gone. However, there are still plenty of seasonal flowers, gourds, and other natural decorations that you can use to spruce up your space. 


There’s no point of having a nicely decorated deck if you don’t have a space to enjoy it! Has your regular outdoor furniture has already been stored for the winter? A simple bench or rocking chair can add a nice cozy touch and give you a place to hang out during the last few warm days of the year. 

Front Door

While it may not technically be a part of your deck, the front door is quite literally the first thing that any guest sees when they visit your home. Neutrals like brown and grey can feel appropriate at the time, but will quickly grow to appear sad and dull. Consider choosing a fun color like vibrant red or royal blue. This will give your home some personality even after your decorations are put away. 

Festive Lights

Traditional red and green Christmas lights can feel a bit tacky if hung up too early. However, you can’t go wrong with a simple string of white or cream icicle lights dangling from your deck railing. Sparkly like freshly fallen snow, these festive lights are seasonal – making them the perfect deck decoration as long as it’s cold enough for snow!

Of course no decorations will look their best if the deck underneath is in shambles. Sweep your deck free of debris, add a fresh coat of paint if necessary, and contact Harmony Decking if there are any serious underlying issues. 

Don’t have a deck yet? We can fix that! Give us a call and we’ll get started helping you create the outdoor living space of your dreams!

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