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Signs Your Deck Needs to Be Rebuilt

If your deck is getting on in age, you may be wondering if it’s time to repair or rebuild. You want your deck to be safe and secure, and most properly built decks have about a decade of life expectancy. For decks that are older, or if you’re not sure whether your deck is safe to use or not, Harmony Decking is here to help with a few signs your deck needs to be rebuilt!

3 Signs Your Deck Needs to Be Rebuilt

Whether your deck is old or you’re just not sure if it’s still safe to keep using without repairs, here are three signs you can look for that will let you know for sure it’s time to rebuild your deck:

  1. Decaying or rotting wood – the most surefire sign it’s time to rebuild is decaying wood. Rot appears as moldy, stained, or warping. When the wood is soft and squishy to the touch, or if it’s holding water, it’s beginning to deteriorate. If the rot occurs in just a board or two, you may be okay to just replace them. However, if the decay begins to appear in the frame of the deck, it’s time to rebuild!
  2. Cracks in the wood – similar to rot, if your deck starts to crack or splinter, the structural framework of the deck has been compromised. Sealing your deck helps prevent cracking, but cracks can still happen so be on the lookout.
  3. Weak stairs or banisters – Ensure the railings and banisters of your deck are completely secure. Check fasteners and nails for tightening, or if they’ve been corroded, replace them. If you notice the wood has weakened, it’s time to rebuild.

Rebuild with Harmony Decking

Safety is the number one concern when it comes to your deck. If your deck is weak and unsafe, it’s time to rebuild it! The deck experts at Harmony Decking can help you rebuild your deck better than ever before. For more information on rebuilding, please call 215-290-7727. You can also fill out our online form if you’re interested in a consultation! Want more tips, tricks, and ideas for your deck? Check out our blog!

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