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Should I Build a Roof Over My Deck?

If you have an open-air deck, you know how frustrating it can be when inclement weather prevents you from using it. Whether it’s rainy, snowy, or way too hot, we’ve all experienced the disappointment of having to turn inside to avoid harsh weather. Searching for acceptable ways to cover your deck doesn’t always provide effective results, and when it does, they’re usually temporary. That’s when you ask yourself the age-old question: should I build a roof over my deck? There’s a lot to consider when thinking about building a roof over your deck, however it’s not only possible, but a great addition to your home. The experts at Harmony Decking have built many decks that include roofs and can help you decide if adding a roof to your deck is a good idea.

Benefits of Building a Deck Over Your Roof

There are many benefits to building a deck over your roof and they don’t all have to do with weather. Here are a few benefits to having a deck over your roof:

  • Adds to the aesthetic of your home
  • Creates a year ‘round outdoor living room
  • Protects the deck from sun and moisture that add to the expected general wear-and-tear of deck maintenance
  • Boosts the property value of your home by adding additional features and square footage
  • Gives your deck more protection from bugs
  • Shields your deck from inclement weather like rain and snow, as well as provides shade in the summer

Build with Harmony Decking

The absolute best time to build a roof over your deck is during its initial construction, but it is possible to add it on later. If you’re thinking to yourself, “should I build a roof over my deck?”, but don’t know if it’s even possible, then it’s time to call Harmony Decking! We offer a free consultation where we assess your roof and any roofing options you’re considering. Our roofing experts can tell you what additional support your deck may need in order to build a roof overhead. If you’re still in the initial deck-building stages, then we can help you design the deck of your dreams, roof included! Just give us a call at 215-290-7727 or fill out our online form

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