Shading Your Deck – Know Before You Build

shade for your deck

When building a deck, most homeowners hope to maximize exposure to the sun. Sunny decks are much more inviting than shady decks and you can always add shade. How you add that shade is up to you! There are several options for adding shade to your deck that range from temporary to permanent. Knowing how you intend to provide shade for your deck is important because your deck can be built to accommodate whatever option you choose! At Harmony Decking, we strive to provide you with a deck you love and use often, so we’re happy to help give you all the tools necessary to decide on your decking options.

Temporary vs Permanent Shading Options

The first thing to consider is whether you want your shading options to be available to you all year-round or if you intend to move them in inclement weather.

Temporary shading options include:

  • Umbrellas and collapsible canopies are easy and affordable do-it-yourself options. 
  • Fabric Awnings are one of the more popular choices for shading a deck, but are not good in inclement weather. When it gets windy, fabric awnings require maintenance by the homeowner to bring in and put back up. For the off-season, the awning will need to be taken down. This can be done by the homeowner, but it’s often a good idea to hire experts to do this for you. Fabric awnings look great and provide a flexible option for those who don’t want to always have their deck covered.

Permanent shading options include:

  • Metal Awnings, like fabric awnings, provide a great source of shade for your deck. Unlike fabric awnings however, they typically are built into the structure and stay up year-round due to their durability. They’re typically more expensive because they’re permanent, and due to the metal material, are noisy during inclement weather.
  • Pergolas are another more permanent option, and one your deck builder can help you with. Pergolas are a crosshatch structure of beams and posts that let both air and light in and are often decorated with hanging or climbing vines. Pergolas have a very natural look and look great with your deck, but they don’t provide much protection from bad weather. If you desire a pergola as a shading option, many deck-builders can include it in the infrastructure of your deck. There are also DIY kits out there for those who want to construct their own pergola.
  • Built-in overhangs are the most permanent option. Like a roof, they protect your deck from harm and weather. They provide the most shade and cannot be taken down during inclement weather. Your deck-builder will need to build this in conjunction with your deck.

Shading with Harmony Decking

At Harmony Decking, we want your deck to be part of your home, not just an add-on. Providing shade during the summer is an option we are happy to help you with, whether that’s helping you decide what’s the best fit for your deck or installing it for you. For more information about your shading options, call us at 215-290-7727, or fill out our online form. Not sure what you want? Check out our body of work for ideas!

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