Making the Most of your Outdoor Living Space

Whether you prefer enjoying coffee and the sunrise or a cold one and the sunset, your outdoor living space is an extension of your home that you should make the most of! While the design and construction of your deck is the first step in creating an outdoor experience, there are plenty of additional ways to make the most of your outdoor living space this season.

outdoor living space

Get Shady

Some sunshine is great, but every now and then you need some respite from those summer rays. Umbrellas and awnings are both fantastic ways to bring a little shade to the situation – without having to go indoors. Umbrellas, like free standing or table umbrellas, are a great option to provide some mobile shade so that everybody can get comfortable. Awnings are great for shade but also rain protection!

Pillows and Tables and Chairs Oh My!

From loungers to yoga mats, picnic tables to end tables, deckside furniture offers unlimited opportunities! Some things to keep in mind when planning your outdoor furniture setup include:


What will you be doing on the deck? Eating dinner and playing board games? Laying in the sun and doing yoga? Understanding how you plan to use your deck is key to figure out what kind of furniture is right for you.


How many people do you want to have on your deck at a time? Do you want to give them a choice in type of seating? These questions help you determine the number and arrangement of your seating situation, which can help you pick chairs vs loungers vs outdoor couches.


Perhaps the most important question when furnishing your outdoor space – how big is it? This will help you decide what kind and amount of furniture you can reasonably fit.

Flex your Green Thumb (or not)

Whether you’re a gardening guru or a total black thumb, plants are a beautiful way to bring life and variety into your outdoor space. While living plants can be great for growing summer fruits, veggies, and herbs, you can easily go for artificial plants for a lower maintenance option (shh…we won’t tell).

Feel the Heat

Sometimes those summer nights can get shockingly chilly! Having a heat source like a fire ring or heat lamp can help you keep the party going into the wee hours of the night (and make s’mores of course).

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