Montgomery County Deck: A Guide To Combating An Insect Invasion

montgomery county deckAh, summer. The perfect time to kick back, relax, and… swat at gnats? Chase bees away? Smack mosquitos off your arms? It’s likely that none of those statements finish the sentence the way you want, but they certainly apply to the month of August in the Delaware Valley. Air that is swelteringly humid and annoyingly buggy is all around. So, what can you do about pesky bugs invading your backyard oasis? Plenty! We’ve got a plan to debug your Montgomery County deck.

Identify What Types Of Bugs Are Invading Your Space

  • Do you see holes in your wood or composite deck? Or perhaps sawdust piles? If so, you may have an issue with termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, or beetles.
  • Are you and your loved ones coming in covered in swollen red bites? While mosquitos are a likely culprit, you mustn’t rule out spider bites.
  • Do you find yourself swatting the air constantly as you sit outside? Whether gnats, flies, or something more vicious, all are troublemakers.

How To Bug-Proof Your Backyard Paradise

  1. Treat your deck for carpenter bee or termite problems. For wood decks, apply a protective sealant.
  2. Clear out any brush near your deck to make it less bug-friendly. This has the added bonus of keeping rodents and small animals away, too!
  3. Search around and under your deck for standing water, which attracts flies and mosquitos. If found, fill with rocks or gravel, or redirect the water that pooled there.
  4. Sweep away any piles of debris or signs of cobwebs to remove potential friendly space for unwanted creepers.
  5. Call an exterminator for serious repeat offenders that don’t respond to the steps above. 
  6. Contact your local deck expert at Harmony Decking for other structural suggestions to make your outdoor space the haven you deserve!

Beware: Bugs Are NOT Just A Minor Annoyance

Bugs and/or rodents can harm the structure of your deck, not just your enjoyment of the outdoors. If allowed to roam unabated, these pests can cause critical (and expensive) damage. Treat any issues as soon as you notice them to avoid bigger problems. Neither avoiding your deck nor ignoring the bugs is a smart solution.

Montgomery County Deck Experts: Harmony Decking

For all your Montgomery County deck needs, call Harmony Decking. We love create outdoor oases for our customers. Let us help you perfect your deck paradise and make it the backyard retreat you long for.

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