Privacy Please! My Neighbors Can See Me!

how to make a deck more private

When it comes to spending time on your deck, one of the biggest challenges you might face is privacy. Whether you live within viewing distance of your neighbors or your rowdy kids are playing in the yard, it can be difficult to find some privacy. That’s why Harmony Decking has put together a few options you might consider to make a deck more private.  

A Few Options on How to Make a Deck More Private

When it comes to making a deck more private, you have a few options. The first thing to consider is if you want your form of privacy to be permanent or removable.


  • Fencing – Fencing is the most tried-and-true form of deck privacy. The downside is they can be expensive, but they’re a good investment that will last a long time.
  • Build a wall – A wall can be made of whatever kind of material you choose, but the three most popular wall types currently are stone, metal, and living (a wall made of greenery and other material). A wall is going to be more expensive, but your privacy will be at its highest. The best thing about a wall is the way you can utilize it to beef up the aesthetic of your deck.
  • Hedges – Hedges aren’t 100% permanent, but you won’t be able to get rid of them just by picking them up and moving them, so we’ve put them in the permanent category. Hedges look great if you’re willing to upkeep them, and they add a lovely spice of green to any lawn and deck.


  • A screen or partition – screens and partitions are popular choices for privacy. They’re relatively low-cost and come in a variety of designs and aesthetics. You could even make your own. Just spread out your partition for privacy when you want it and keep it in storage when you’re not using it so it doesn’t get ruined in bad weather.
  • Greenery – Plants can act as a great low-impact source of privacy. Large planters and hanging flower baskets add just enough boundary for privacy. Plus, they look great on your deck!
  • Curtains – Hanging curtains are another quick and easy way to add a bit of privacy. They look classy and flutter in the breeze to create a light and airy deck atmosphere.

Harmony Decking Can Make Your Deck More Private

When building your deck, you will want to consider your privacy options. Harmony Decking knows how to build a deck with privacy in mind. We can help you decide what privacy means to you and build your deck to maximize privacy in the ways you desire. For more information on decking and how to make a deck private, call us at 215-290-7720 or fill out our online form!

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