Bugs, Insects, and Pests Vs Your Deck

how to protect a deck from bugsSummer is for spending time on your deck, enjoying the sun, grilling some burgers, and relaxing the weekends away. Unfortunately, people aren’t the only ones who enjoy summer. Summer means warm weather and warm weather can mean one thing – bugs! Mosquitoes, gnats, bees, flies, and more can create a pesky situation that can be annoying or even dangerous to people trying to enjoy their time outdoors. When you’re enjoying an evening on your deck, the last thing you want is to be swatting at insects all night. That’s why Harmony Decking is here with a few easy tips on how to protect a deck from bugs.

Quit Bugging Me! – How to Keep Bugs Away from Your Deck

When you’re on your deck, you want to be holding those grill tongs, not a bug swatter. Use these helpful tips to know how to protect a deck from bugs:

  1. Keep your deck clean! Keeping your deck crumb and trash free is the first and easiest step you can take to keep those bugs away. Bugs are attracted to trash and food. The less you have on your deck, the less attracted to it bugs will be.
  2. Plant herbs. Garlic doesn’t just keep vampires away. Having rosemary, garlic, or chives growing on or near your deck will keep away several kinds of insects, including mosquitoes.
  3. Light your deck up right. White bulbs attract insects, so try switching them out for sodium vapor or yellow lights.
  4. Citronella is your friend. Invest in a few citronella torches to keep bugs away. Plus, they create an awesome aesthetic. If you don’t want to do that, citrus-flavored candles are a good backup plan.

Don’t Let Bugs Get You Down

Insects still bugging you? If you’ve tried these tips and insects are still attracted to your deck, it may be time to get an expert in to take a look at your deck. You could have problems with your wood, finish, or even something underneath your deck. For more information on how to protect a deck from bugs, call Harmony Decking at 215-290-7727, or fill out our online form.

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