Fall in Love With Your Deck Again

Fall DeckA picture perfect deck surrounded by the greens, oranges, reds, and yellows of early fall is heavenly to imagine. But it doesn’t have to stay in your imagination. Read on to find our best tips on how to keep your deck at its best, and learn how to decide if it’s time for a replacement deck.

How to Tell if It’s Time to Replace Your Existing Deck

At one time or another, your deck will need replacing. Depending on the quality of construction and materials, your deck may last longer–or not as long. Wood decks tend to need replacement sooner than vinyl simply because they are at risk for insect and water damage. However, all decks eventually need replacing. If you haven’t had your deck professionally inspected in the past year, you should contact your local deck experts at Harmony Decking. We will come out to inspect your deck and advise you on your best course of treatment, or let you know if it’s time to replace.

Tips and Tricks for Fall Deck Maintenance and Decoration

For decks that don’t need replacing, we’ve got some great tips to keep your deck looking great this fall.

  1. Fall Decorations: Who doesn’t love decorative gourds and carved pumpkins? Their bright colors and unique designs are fun for everyone. However, be sure to have something to place under them. Placing gourds and pumpkins directly on the deck surface can lead to damage as the gourd will rot and leak moisture over time.
  2. Leaves: It must be an unwritten law of nature that leaves will find a way to land on every surface we don’t want them to. Whether or not you have trees directly in your yard, leaves are likely to find their way to your deck. When they do, sweep them off as soon as possible. Leaf piles collect moisture. And remember, moisture can be your deck’s worst enemy.
  3. Prep Your Deck: Vinyl Decks should be hosed down to avoid stains and gunk from summer leaving permanent marks. Wood decks should be sealed frequently to remain waterproof. If you can’t remember the last time you sealed yours, it’s been too long.

Leave Worry Behind!

It’s time to see why fall is a great time to build or rebuild your deck. Contact Harmony Decking, your local decking specialists, to help design the perfect deck to fit your needs.

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