Is Your Deck Falling Apart?

keep your deck from falling apartThe unseasonably warm weather this fall has allowed all of us some additional outdoor enjoyment. However, as prime time for actively using your deck comes to an end, we have a few more safety measures to advise you of before you close up shop on seasonal deck time.

Even if the surface of your deck looks fine, hidden dangers may lurk. The hardest areas to spot these dangers are in the area beneath the deck, along with corners and other areas inspected less frequently. In this blog, we will explain how to recognize hidden risks that could lead to your deck falling apart.


When decks are built, experienced contractors have to think about what is below your deck as much as what the deck is made of. Many decks are built off of the main level of the home, so builders have to allow for adequate opportunities for airflow. Otherwise, moisture and rotting debris become trapped. This leads to a rotting foundation. We use two simple methods to ensure proper airflow.

  1. One choice is skirting the space between the base of the deck and the ground with a lattice or boards. This allows air to move.
  2. When air circulation is severely limited, we use pressure-treated lumber with a higher pcf. PCF simply means it has a higher preservative percentage and can withstand harsher conditions.


Railings themselves are helpful in keeping everyone safely on deck. However, how they are installed can lead to an unexpected issue. The best method for installation of railings occurs when the railings are attached efficiently, without overusing nails. Too many nails can split the lumber, creating pockets in which moisture can collect.


When inspecting decks, many people overlook the importance of checking how the deck is adhered to the home. Decks that are installed improperly often miss out on the proper sizing and placement of the ledger. This is the piece of metal installed between the home and the deck. It’s used to keep moisture and natural debris from collecting. Many builders neglect to allow for a slight overhang of the ledger beyond the juncture it is protecting.

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