Utilize the Space Under Your Deck with Storage

create storage space under your deck

If you’re looking for extra storage space in your house and you have a lifted deck, it’s a great idea to utilize that space for storage. For many people with lofted decks, that space goes unused. Utilizing it for storage is easy and inexpensive, and it doesn’t have to even look like storage! Harmony Decking has a few tips and tricks to help you create storage space under your deck.

How to Create Storage Space Under Your Deck

Creating storage space under your deck isn’t hard, but that doesn’t mean you can just throw your belongings under there and hope for the best. That’s why Harmony Decking has a few tips and tricks for the best ways to create storage space under your deck:

  • First, you’ll want to determine if your space is going to be wet or dry storage. What does this mean? Well, wet storage is that stuff you don’t need to keep protected from rain, snow, wind, or dirt. This might mean yard toys, outdoor appliances, weatherproof building materials, gardening equipment, etc. On the other hand, dry storage is your belongings that should be kept dry so as not to ruin them. Depending on what type storage you want, your method of storage will be different.
    • Wet storage – Wet storage is more straight-forward than dry storage. You won’t need to treat the gaps in your deck because it shouldn’t matter if water gets through. It’s still a good idea to cover your storage with a tarp, elevate it off the ground if possible, and for some things, putting them in plastic bins to keep them nice, clean, and in good use.
    • Dry storage – Dry storage will take a little more work. Water can get through the cracks and spaces in your deck, so you’ll need to create run off or gutters. It’s not difficult to do this, though, so don’t worry! You can find everything you need at most hardware stores. To create dry storage, you’ll need to attach a channel to catch the water and filter it off to the side. You can use plastic panels by attaching them under the deck joists. Make sure they’re sloped slightly so the water will run off and not stagnate inside. Roofing screws are a great way to attach the panels to your deck joists. 

More Tips About Storage

Pro-tip! Just because your space is dry, doesn’t mean you’ll want to set your storage on the ground. Elevate and cover all your storage to add extra protection.

Now, if you don’t like the look of your storage just sitting under your deck or you’re worried about security, one great way to make your deck aesthetically pleasing is to install a screen. The most popular and effective type is a lattice screen, typically made with wood or plastic. You can paint to match your deck or house for a beautiful addition to your home. Decking specialists like the ones at Harmony Decking can help you, or ask your local hardware store employees for ideas.

Harmony Decking and Deck Storage

If you want to create storage space under your deck, but don’t know where to start, give the deck specialists at Harmony Decking a call. We can help you install the proper channels to create dry storage, give you ideas, or help you secure your storage with a screen. Need to build a new lofted deck with plans for storage? We got you covered! Call us at 215-290-7727 or fill out our online form. Need ideas? Check out our work here!

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