Harmony Decking’s Ultimate Winter Outdoor Furniture Storage Guide

outdoor winter furniture storage

Rapidly dropping temperatures and the looming threat of snow can leave some deck owners in a panic when it comes to winter outdoor furniture storage.

What should I do with my outdoor furniture? Can I leave it outside? Do I need to put it in my house? What will happen if I let it sit out all winter?

The answer to all of these questions comes down to one factor: material. It’s key to understand the material that your outdoor furniture is made of in order to make an educated decision about where to store it in the winter.

Harmony Decking’s Ultimate Winter Outdoor Furniture Storage Guide

We know it can be complicated to search for the various ways to care for the many materials used to make outdoor furniture, so we put together this helpful guide so that you know exactly what to do with your outdoor furniture this season.


The many pores and cracks in wicker furniture make it susceptible to expanding and contracting with changes in moisture, meaning your furniture may be cracked come springtime. Bring your wicker furniture indoors if you’re not looking to replace it once the weather warms up. 


Steel-framed furniture is another type that is vulnerable to changes in moisture and temperature. The risks of rust and cracking increase over time, so you’re better off bringing it inside and away from the elements this winter.


Known for its light weight, you wouldn’t think that aluminum would be able to stand up to the harsh winter elements, but aluminum is actually the toughest of all patio furniture. If you lack the indoor space to clear away your outdoor furniture, or you just don’t feel like bringing it indoors – aluminum outdoor furniture is the choice for you!

Natural Stone

The cracks and crevices that make natural stone furniture so pretty are also responsible for making it at risk of breaking if left out in the winter. If water enters the cracks and expands with the cold, your favorite tabletop could wind up breaking in two! 

Fabric Materials

You should already be putting away your outdoor cushions and pillows when they aren’t in use, but if you like leaving them out all season, you should be warned that they don’t fare so well in the harsh winter temperatures. Save yourself the hassle of replacing your fabric materials in the spring and bring in your pillows and cushions before winter hits. 

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Deck Lighting: How To Light Up The Night

how to enjoy your deck at nightWhen you think about your deck, most of your time, energy, and budget goes into the basics: deck furniture, deck installation, and maintenance. However, there is an up-and-coming trend in deck design: deck lighting. Increased opportunities abound to enhance your deck’s ambiance through creative lighting.

Harmony Decking Spotlights Superior Deck Lighting Options

Our team at Harmony Decking loves constructing the perfect deck for every home. That means that for the perfect deck, we use only the highest quality products from TimberTechⓇ and AzekⓇ. Check out our favorite lighting options produced by these top-tier companies.

  • Accent Lights: For understated lighting that adds a soft and subtle glow, we recommend adding accent lights. Installing them on a vertical surface, such as railings, creates an effect of a cascading waterfall of light.
  • Post Cap Lights: We can easily install post cap lights directly in between your railing and railing caps. The effect is unassumingly elegant—a truly spectacular option.
  • In-Deck Lights: In-deck lights can be easily mounted within your composite deck surface space. They are unobtrusive and small enough to fit in any available space. But we especially like to use them around deck perimeters for added safety and a soft, warm glow.
  • Riser Lights: Riser lights are installed directly in your risers, or stairs. More than just a simple addition of luminous lighting, these lights are a sparkling safety feature. Similar to movie theater lighting, riser lights light the pathway up the stairs at night.
  • Under-Rail Lights: Another ambient lighting and stellar safety feature, under-rail lights are the perfect partnership between aesthetics and safety.

No matter what your color scheme or lighting needs are, Harmony Decking can help! There are countless lighting options, and lighting is a great way to highlight your deck’s features and make it safer and more enjoyable for your family and friends.

Living (and Loving) the Deck Life with Harmony Decking

There is still plenty of deck weather remaining this season. Don’t miss out on beautiful deck days and memorable deck nights. Call Harmony Decking today for a consultation on creating your dream deck for this season and many more to come.

Deck Building Bucks County Pa Homeowners Love

deck building bucks county paFrom the moment you chose your house, either by designing it yourself or falling in love with it on your search as a buyer, you began creating a home in your vision. Why should your deck be any different? For a deck that will enhance your Bucks County PA home, check out our suggestions.

Deck Building Bucks County PA Homeowners Love!

Based on our experience as deck builders and homeowners, we’ve learned how to get maximum enjoyment out of our decks. From location to size to style, we can help you design the perfect deck.

Perfect Placement:

Most homeowners assume that they should have the deck right off the back door. And while that’s a convenient choice when it comes to easily taking meals and supplies from inside to out, that’s not always the best choice for your yard. If there’s a lot of sun in a certain area, extensive landscaping in another, or you already have a pool in place, you may want to think about placing your deck with these considerations in mind.

Size and Style:

Decks aren’t one-size-fits-all entities. So how big does your deck need to be? Consider the following:

  • Do I want storage on my deck? If so, how much? Storage for outdoor supplies is a game-changer and can make life much simpler!
  • What will I do on my deck? Eat family meals? Entertain a crowd? Cook? Relax? Depending on the number of people you’ll want to have on your deck and how many ways you’re likely to use it, the size will change.
  • Will one level suffice? Or do I prefer the option and appearance of multiple levels? One level is standard, but more than one level can allow for more flexibility.

Low Maintenance:

For the best of both worlds, we often recommend composite decking made to look like real wood. Composite deck materials are high quality and low maintenance. Unlike wood decks that require more maintenance and deteriorate more quickly overtime, the composite materials we use have a 30-year limited warranty with no annual sealing required. That means less deck maintenance and more deck fun!

Call Harmony Decking For Deck Building Bucks County PA Homes Deserve!

Haven’t you waited long enough to have your dream deck? Call Harmony Decking today and set an appointment for a free consultation. We are the local experts for deck building Bucks County PA homes deserve and we’d love to share our dynamic deck design ideas with you!

Make Your Deck a Destination!

As the weather is finally warming up in northeast, many of us are longing to spend more of our free time outside. Whether you like to soak in some early morning or late afternoon sunshine or take advantage of the warmer nights coming our way, the best destination for any activity is closer than you think. Take a breather from the local pub or coffee shop, and turn your deck into your favorite hangout!

Create Your Own Local Destination

As one of our top 5 deck design trends of 2018, transforming your deck into something special is definitely the most fun!

    • Rejuvenating Mornings: Why go to the neighborhood coffee shop when you can head to a place that always has a table open and your coffee in stock? Keep those pajamas on and step aside in comfort to enjoy your favorite brew. Or consider the beauty of your own yoga space right outside. As the sun comes up, you’ll be well into your sequence.
    • Relaxing Afternoons: After a long day at work, time and space to unwind is a must. There’s no need to go in search of a place to go that will offer what you need. Simply, walk out onto your deck and breathe deep. Add a freestanding hammock and you’ll be ready to enjoy a peaceful afternoon out back.
    • Lively (or Lowkey) Nights: Bars have long been a destination for a night off, and breweries have become quite popular. Why not create your own vibe on your very own dream deck ready? The closest hot spot is even closer than you realize! Plus with the addition of specialty lighting beneath your rails or within your steps, you decide when last call is.

Transform Your Deck Into a Replica of Your Favorite Resort!

Beyond your local favorites, you can choose specific color combination and design your furniture choices to replicate the vibe of your dream vacation destination. From the southwest to to island flair, from Old World & Traditional to Contemporary & Modern, your deck can be anything you can imagine.

Harmony Decking: The (Destination) Deck Experts

For a deck that makes you happier than ever to be home, call Harmony Decking. We will help you create your own private oasis or happening hot spot right in your own backyard. Don’t waste another beautiful day—call us today!

How to Enjoy Your Deck at Night

how to enjoy your deck at night

Your deck is perfect for spending summer days outside. But what about summer nights? Maybe you’re lacking enough outdoor lighting to keep reading your book after the sun goes down, or maybe you find yourself constantly swatting at mosquitos.

At Harmony Decking, we want to make sure that our customers can enjoy their outdoor living spaces to the fullest, even after sunset. Fortunately, you can make some easy modifications to your deck that will allow you to maximize its enjoyment potential on those warm summer evenings. Here are some simple tips for how to enjoy your deck at night.

  • Add deck lighting. Deck lighting can be both beautiful and practical, and there are so many options that compliment the design of your deck. Add accent lights, in-deck lights, riser lights, rail lights, and cap lights to create a warm glow that will make your deck safer to navigate and provide enough light to keep the party going.
  • Keep mosquitos away. Mosquitos and other flying insects can be a real nuisance at night, and also happen to be attracted to the lighting (and the people) on your deck. Wearing bug spray 24/7 isn’t ideal. Luckily, a light wind is a very effective natural repellant, so a simple fix is to install a fan or two. If you don’t like feeling the breeze, you can try decorating your deck with potted plants that are known to repel mosquitoes (such as marigolds, catnip, and lavender). Make sure to eliminate sources of standing water, such as birdbaths, so the mosquitoes will have fewer places to lay their eggs.
  • Make it warm and cozy. Even during the summer, nights can get a little chilly. Consider having some cozy blankets stored nearby for you and your guests–look for benches and other deck furniture that contain built-in storage space. You can also consider installing a heat lamp or propane patio heater. A patio heater is an attractive addition to your deck that can also kick out some serious warmth, allowing you to enjoy your deck at night and as the weather gets cooler.

Harmony Decking is Here to Help

Summer isn’t over yet–there’s still time to make improvements to your deck while the weather is warm! At Harmony Decking, we’re ready to help you choose deck design and lighting options that will help you enjoy your deck all day long and all year round. Contact us to talk about how our experienced and friendly professionals can get the job done right.

Which Type of Deck Should you Choose?

Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and the season for entertaining outside is officially upon us! Are you someone who likes to host a big party? Do you envision BBQs and lawn games or quiet, candlelit outdoor dinners? No matter your style, there’s a deck for you, and as the official deck experts in Montgomery County, PA, we’ll help you find it!

Here are our favorite styles of decks to lounge, play and entertain:

Classic Deck.

A traditional or classic deck is perfect for relaxing with the family, chatting with friends in the summer or lounging with a good book. This style is hallmarked by wicker or teak wood and warm, comfortable cushions—usually striped, floral or traditional colors. There’s something nostalgic about this style; choose this classic look for ultimate comfort.

Contemporary Deck.

Feel like your backyard should make a statement? You’ll want this contemporary deck with all of its modern furniture, bright color combinations and interesting, geometric shapes. We love all of the options out there for materials and decor: plastic, aluminum, low-luster metals, etc. We also love to see how our clients combine them! Don’t forget that lighting can play a big part in giving your deck a contemporary feel, and so can adding trendy succulents or greenery!

Rustic Chic Deck.

A deck with a vintage country vibe is the perfect place to gather with friends for a 5-star home-cooked meal. Repurpose containers for potted plants and grab an eclectic mix of seating and you’re halfway to a beautifully rustic-looking deck. For the furniture, we recommend aged or refurbished woods or metals mixed with soft vintage colors and the occasional bright bold ones. Add whimsy wherever possible!

Nautical Deck.

This one is a no-brainer if you’re decorating a deck for your beach, lake or pool house! It’s also one of the easiest styles to pull off. Pale blues and yellows mixed with off-white will go swimmingly with beach-themed decor like rope, shells, driftwood, and corals. In fact, there’s so much possibility with this look, your biggest challenge will be not to overdo it! 

4 Tips for Creating a Versatile Outdoor Living Space

harmony decking

From your morning coffee and a yoga session, to a summer barbecue and everything in between, a deck or patio can add value to your home and your quality of life. A deck can be the most multifunctional space in your home if you design it properly! Whether you’re starting from scratch or just browsing for new ideas, here are four simple tips to transform your deck space into a multifunctional outdoor living space.

  • Fire ring, chimenea, torches, etc.  Everyone enjoys hanging out by a fire no matter the season. A fire source makes a great gathering place, as well as a spot to relax on your own. And how about s’mores?! A fire source creates the perfect hangout spot all year round! (Please be sure you follow proper fire safety measures at all times, and always have a working fire extinguisher nearby.)
  • Seating.  Whether you prefer a full dining table, comfy lounge chairs, or a bare floor with yoga mats, your version of comfortable seating will transform your bare deck into a living area. Consider what kind of activities you’ll be doing on your deck, as well as how many people you want to comfortably accommodate, and choose a seating arrangement that best suits your needs.
  • Umbrella/shade/weather protection.  Like a fire pit, protection from the elements extends the amount of time you can comfortably spend on your deck. Consider table umbrellas or awnings and enjoy time outdoors rain or shine.  You might even consider roll-up or retractable mosquito netting for those buggy summer mornings and evenings. Imagine unwinding with a cup of tea next to the fire under a soft rain. Heaven!
  • Plants. Plants bring lively energy to any space, and they can be fun to care for too. There are dozens of options for plants, including potted plants, hanging plants, or a small vegetable garden. How about a garden that yields fresh summer salad ingredients to be enjoyed al fresco? On your deck, of course!

The good news is that you can make your deck a beautiful outdoor area that reflects your interests and personal taste. With a bit of imagination and creativity, you’ll be enjoying days outdoors all year round!

Harmony Decking is here to help you with your deck from start to finish. Have a particular idea that’s a little wild or unique? Ask us about it! We’ll custom design and build the deck of your dreams. Get some ideas from our photos!

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One Benefit of Installing a Deck? A Great Opportunity to Decorate for the Holidays.

Decorating decks for holidays

Bobbing for apples. Setting up Jack-o-Lanterns. The sound of trick-or-treaters running up to the door. These are the sights and sounds of Halloween.If you love getting into the spirit of the season, why not bring your deck into the celebrations with some spooky decorations?

Just picture: A perfectly constructed deck with scowling pumpkins sitting on each step, bowls of candy resting on the railings, paper ghosts and fabric mummies blowing in the breeze. Decorating your deck for the holidays definitely isn’t the only reason to install one, but it’s certainly a plus!

So, what are some other good reasons to outfit your home with an amazing backyard landscape?

Why Should I Consider a Deck?

A deck adds great value to a home if and when it’s time to resell. However, other benefits can’t be measured:

  • Time with your family as you hang out on your deck
  • Curb appeal
  • Backyard barbecues
  • Great platform for outdoor parties (how about a Halloween party this year?)

Harmony Decking works with and TimberTech products, both of which are alternatives to traditional wood for more durability and less maintenance, eliminating the need for sealing or staining. Both resist mold and mildew (though make sure you , and are available in a number of warm tones and shades.

Harmony Decking Wishes You a Happy Halloween!

While the deck you’re dreaming of won’t be ready for this year’s frightfest, Halloween is a great time to start putting in your deck of choice. For one thing, hiring a construction crew in the autumn provides you with far more scheduling options. It is likely they will be more flexible with your schedule and timeline than if you were starting in the spring or summer.

Also, the weather tends to be more predictable in the fall. The days are generally dryer than the spring, and there are fewer risks of weather delays. Most importantly, you can take advantage of off-season prices and discounts.

Harmony Decking is pleased to answer any questions you may have, and we invite you to check out our testimonial to get a better sense of how we do business. We have over thirty years of experience, and are eager to provide the foundation upon which countless Jack-o-Lanterns will rest for Halloweens far into the future! From our family to yours, happy haunting!

On Deck: 3 Tips to Keep Your Grilling Season Safe with Harmony Decking

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 2.27.01 PM

Summertime is here: the weather’s warm, the sun is bright, and your deck or patio is all set. It’s time to fire up the grill (can’t you just smell the hamburgers cooking?) But wait—the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that grilling results in 8,900 home fires every year. Surprisingly, more of those fires are caused by gas grills than charcoal. Before heading out to your deck, be sure to review Harmony Decking’s top three grilling safety tips.

1. Grill in the right place.

  • Always grill outdoors—deadly carbon monoxide will accumulate in an enclosed space and could suffocate you.
  • If grilling on your deck, make sure your grill is ten feet from your house, furniture, railings, overhanging trees, or anything flammable. (Failure to do so could melt the siding off your house–believe me, it happens.) 17% of all grill fires occur when an object is too near the grill.
  • We also recommend using a gas grill if your deck is made out of wood; charcoal is safer on concrete, brick, or your lawn.

2. Use your grill properly.

  • Make sure you read the owner’s manual.
  • If your gas grill doesn’t ignite right away, the NFPA recommends waiting at least five minutes for the gas to dissipate before trying again. When done grilling, close the propane valve first before turning off the burners.
  • Be sure to keep the flames under control by spreading out your coals or adjusting the temperature knobs. If you must use water to douse the flames, use a spray bottle and remove the food first.
  • Store lighter fluid away from heat sources.
  • Use long-handled tools to prevent burns from grease splatter or contact with the grill.
  • Don’t wear risky loose clothing while grilling.
  • Never leave your food cooking unattended, and don’t—just don’t—try to move a hot grill.

3. Maintain your grill.

  • Don’t forget to check the condition of your hoses and propane tanks, checking for dents, cracks, or leaks.
  • Most importantly, you must keep your grill clean! This is the leading contributor of grill fires. Be sure to always thoroughly clean your grill and empty the grease trap.

Grill-related injuries sent 16,600 people to the emergency room in 2014.

Even when practicing safety, injuries happen. Just in case, review how to treat burns, and keep a first aid kit nearby. It’s also a good idea to keep a box of baking soda handy for grease fires, along with a fire extinguisher.
With all those safety precautions in mind, you’re ready for grilling season: time to break out those hot dogs—or try this classic recipe for Savory Grilled Onions.

Looking for more deck tips or advice?

Harmony Decking has 30 years of experience in home improvement, and can help you with everything from maintenance and renovation of your old deck, to design and installation of a new deck, patio, or lighting scheme. Check out our previous work on our website, or give us a call at 215-290-7727. We’re committed to providing honest, friendly service that will help you realize your dream project.

Choose The Right Deck Furniture For You

Deck Furniture

Photo Credit: Erik Soderstrom

Now that it’s finally summer, it’s time to bring the party outside! Spice up your deck with attractive furniture pieces that will impress all of your neighbors and friends. Before you buy any new for your deck, though, you should consider all of your options. Make sure you choose furniture that:

1. Fits your lifestyle. If you have little ones at your house, you might want some colorful plastic tables, chairs and playsets that can be easily wiped down. However, if you’re more likely to enjoy an evening on the deck with your friends, you may prefer a sophisticated wrought iron table set. Make sure you pick out your deck furniture according to what fits your needs and lifestyle best.

2. Complements your home. Why not bring your home’s interior style out onto your deck? Some things you should consider are the color themes of your home, the siding of the house, and the type of wood on the deck. To ensure that your deck goes nicely with the style of your house, pick out matching furniture and pieces that show off your impeccable taste. Choose floral patterns and wicker pieces for a beachy vibe, and bolder colors and teak furniture for a glamorous touch. The style options are endless!

3. Withstands the elements. You need furniture that will give you as many memories as possible! Pick out furniture made from durable material that will last you a long time instead of bending, cracking, or rusting. Consider the typical weather in your area and plan accordingly. If there is a lot of rain in your area, save your wooden pieces by removing them from the rain, covering them with a protective tarp, or spraying them with a waterproofing solution to keep them looking fresh and new.

4. Keeps you comfortable. Wind down after a busy day by kicking your feet up and relaxing on a lounge chair. Your deck is not complete until you get some comfortable furniture that you can take a cat nap on. Take time to select pieces that invite your guests to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.

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