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Harmony Decking’s May Inspection Tips

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If home maintenance isn’t high on the list of things you love to do in life, then chances are you haven’t checked on your deck’s structural safety in a while. The time is now! May is National Deck Safety Month, so head to the backyard and inspect your deck for any telltale signs of instability. Here are four ways you can check on your deck this month to make sure it’s safe for all of those summer outdoor activities:

  1. Check the surface – Take a look at your deck material to see if any of the wood is split or decaying. If there are cracks, insert a flathead screwdriver into them – if more than ¼ inch of the screwdriver can fit in, you may have rotting wood. Keep an eye out for holes too, which could be a sign of insects boring into your deck.
  2. Look at your ledger board – Your ledger board is the board that connects the deck to your house. Carefully take a peek under your deck to make sure it’s attached with stainless or galvanized-steel screws and bolts rather than nails, which can easily pop loose. Your bolts may need tightening as well.
  3. Is your flashing on tight? – Flashing is the material near the ledger board that keeps water and moisture out and prevents rotting. Make sure the flashing is not pulling away from the house and that no dirt or debris are getting between it and the wall.
  4. Wriggle your railings – Do they wobble? If so, it’s time to get them repaired. Check that your railings are up to local code too, which typically requires them to be at least three feet tall and balusters to be no more than four inches apart.

Contact Harmony Decking for a Professional Deck Inspection

Why should you choose us to ensure the safety of your deck? Harmony Decking is an honest and reliable company that was formed by two friends who had a vision to provide people with excellent, enduring craftsmanship. Between the two of them, they have over 30 years of experience and have built a solid reputation among clients. With Harmony Decking, you can be sure that your dreams for an outdoor space are in good hands.

Keeping an eye on your deck by following the tips above is important, but you should also have a professional come in and take a look once per year–especially if your deck is over ten years old. If your deck is due for an inspection, contact the deck professional you can trust at Harmony Decking. You can call us at 215-290-7727 to learn about our pricing options and products. We look forward to hearing from you!

How to Choose the Right Type of Deck Railing


If you thought there was one standard type of deck railing, think again! There are many different styles and materials to choose from. So, if you’re getting ready to build a deck this Spring, get a head start with this railing guide from Harmony Decking!

Harmony Decking is a deck building company in Warrington, PA and our goal is to help our clients build their dream deck. By teaming up with us, you’ll have expert insight into the right style, size and price for your family.

Types of Railing

Here is a list of the types of railings you can choose from and the advantages of each:

  • Wood – This is the simplest and cheapest option for deck railing. It leaves you with a lot of flexibility in terms of style since your builder can mix and match wooden materials to give you a custom look. Unfortunately, wood requires a lot of maintenance and cleaning to keep it safe and looking great over the years.
  • Capped Composite – One of the greatest benefits of this type of material is that it requires little maintenance to keep it looking clean and fresh. It runs in the middle in terms of price, with materials running $15-$30 per linear foot. There are many different brands to choose from. Capped composite railings work well with anything from a coastal or colonial home to a contemporary house!
  • Metal – The most common types of metal railing include galvanized steel, aluminum and iron. Metal railings tend to look slimmer than composite or wood and don’t block as much of the view of your landscape or backyard.
  • Cable Rail – Cable rail is a more high-end option, with materials costing at least $60 per linear foot. Many homeowners find it a worthwhile purchase, since the horizontal cables have a sleek look and almost seem to disappear when you’re looking toward the view beyond.
  • Tempered Glass – This is a good option if you live in an area where there is a lot of wind. The downside is the high price, but the upside is you get a clear view of the landscape without the wind ruining your time outdoors.

Call Harmony Decking Today And Get Building!

Now that you are up to speed on the types of railings you could choose from, call Harmony Decking at 215-290-7727 to talk about installing your favorite option. We are the Warrington deck builders who will always provide you with honest and fair work. You can check out examples of our work to see the quality you can expect when you work with us!

How to Spruce Up Your Deck This Spring!


The dreary winter season is just a few days away from finally coming to an end, and with warmer temperatures and sunny skies in sight, it’s time to get inspired!

Although your garage, closets and bedrooms might be the focus of your dusting and organizing, your deck is probably overdue for a makeover. That’s where Harmony Decking comes in.

In this blog, we’ll give you the best cleaning and decorating tips to take your deck from discolored and drab to bright and brilliant!

Spring Clean Your Deck With Harmony Decking

Here are a few ways you can clean, clear and enhance your deck this spring:

  • Sand, Wash and Stain: The first thing you might notice after the last bit of snow finally melts is that your deck is looking dull. Spring is the perfect time and temperature to clean your deck since the summer heat can stress out the wood. Sand and clean your deck using a soft scrubber brush and an oxygenated bleach cleaner. Then vacuum up any dust and finish it off with a semi-transparent stain to protect the wood. Voila!
  • Add Pillows and Plants: The best part about spring and summer? You don’t have to worry about snow and ice ruining everything! Decorate your deck with outdoor fabric pillows to make it an inviting hangout spot. And now that the killer cold is long gone, you can add pots of bright plants to bring your deck to life.
  • Update Your Railings: First, make sure your railings are safe (an annual inspection with decking experts in your area will help you make sure they’re up to code). If they aren’t in good shape, consider killing two birds with one stone by replacing your railings with trendy materials like glass panels.
  • Lay Down Rugs: Don’t have time to clean up the stains re-appearing from under the melted snow? Cover them up and accessorize by adding an outdoor rug.

Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold – Call Harmony Decking!

Now that you have some ideas to spruce up your deck, get to it! Like the ideas but don’t have the deck yet? You know who to call. Harmony Decking was built by two friends who wanted to create an honest and fair business. Contact us today by calling 215-290-7727. You won’t regret it!

Winter Deck Tips: Do’s and Don’ts


This time of year our decks don’t get much attention, aside from a few longing gazes as we stare at them from indoors and dream of summer. A snow-covered deck, however, just means that spring is next in line. When you’re ready to host the season’s first barbecue party, make sure your deck looks great the moment the white stuff melts! Harmony Decking has some tips that will help you keep your deck protected all winter long.

Harmony Decking is a decking company in Warrington, PA. We have built our business on honesty and fairness so that our clients can trust who they are doing business with. In this blog we’ll show you all of the right ways to treat your deck during the winter, as well as a few things to avoid.

Protect Your Deck

What many people don’t realize is that their decks need a little TLC here and there to last as long as possible. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for handling your deck between fall and spring:

  1. Do prepare – Before the snow falls, it’s a good idea to give your deck a good wash. Stains can deteriorate deck wood over time so you want to remove them before they sit under a blanket of snow and ice for days at a time. Use a bleach-free cleaner made for wood to preserve the quality of your deck. Then apply a water-resistant finish to really toughen it up.
  2. Do use wood-friendly de-icers – Avoid slips and falls; make sure your deck is safe to walk on after leftover snow and water turns to ice! Rock salt–particularly the dyed type–is NOT a good choice. Rather than having your deck become stained and corroded by the harsh chemicals in rock salt, opt for safer alternatives such as ammonia sulfate.
  3. Don’t use a metal shovel – Your deck should be able to withstand a couple feet of snow, but if you’re going to shovel it off, go with plastic tools. Metal can scrape or dent the wood (without you even knowing it) and leave you with a scratched-up deck come spring. Make sure you shovel with the grain of the wood, not against it!
  4. Don’t leave out your plants – Your potted plants might not be faring too well this time of year anyway, but they’ll be in much worse shape if you leave them out on your deck all winter long. The wood itself runs the risk of getting damaged, as moisture can get trapped between the pot and the deck’s surface, causing dirty marks and mold to accumulate.

Choose Harmony Decking To Build Your Dream Deck!

If you’re looking to get the outdoor space of your dreams, you can start planning today by contacting Harmony Decking! Give us a call at 215-290-7727 or fill out our contact form. Still on the fence? Read these testimonials to find out what our satisfied customers are saying about Harmony Decking and contact us when you’re ready to get started!

The Benefits Of Building A Deck – Harmony Decking


If you’re looking for more space in your home but a full addition is just too big of a commitment, then a deck is the way to go. Experts say building a deck is by far one of the best home improvement projects to take on because it provides lots of advantages.

Harmony Decking was formed by two friends who had a vision to build decks and create a business that valued honesty and fairness. Between the two, they have over thirty years of experience and are skilled in electrical and home improvement as well. In this blog, we’ll explain why decks are many homeowners’ favorite choice for an addition and why they’re great for getting the most bang for your buck.

The Advantages of Building a Deck

When you think of a deck, the first thing that comes to mind is probably burgers sizzling on the grille, right? Or maybe it’s lying out in the sun or soaking in an above-ground jacuzzi. We could come up with hundreds of ways to enjoy your deck, but here are the top five reasons homeowners choose building a deck as their favorite home-improvement project:

  1. Excellent ROI: Building a deck is a worthwhile home improvement project because it will likely increase the value of your home. In fact, you can get up to 81-percent of the project cost back at resale.
  2. No Space, No Problem: No space in the house? Move the party outdoors. It’s like having another room for you and your guests to enjoy. Besides, nothing beats fresh air.
  3. Easy On The Pocket: Compared to other home-improvement projects such as additions, decks are much more affordable. The cost starts at about $15 per square foot.
  4. Speedy Recovery: Nobody likes to listen to the clang and clatter of construction for too long. Luckily, with the right team, building a deck can be done in as little as a week.
  5. Eye-Catching: Decks are not only functional; they’re easy on the eyes, too! They come in a variety of colors, stains and styles so you can craft the deck that makes you happiest.

Start Planning Your Dream Deck With Harmony Decking!

It’s not too early to start thinking about designing the perfect outdoor space for your home. Harmony Decking offers a variety of products and design styles. Contact us today and we’ll help you get inspired!

The Guide to Decking Material


So you want to build a deck, but you just don’t know where to start! Maybe you know what color you want, but don’t know what is going to be in your budget. Maybe you could care less about the color but want to make sure your decking material is tough and will last for years. Or maybe you don’t even know what you want, you just want a little bit of information to give you perspective.

There are so many options these days for decking material and each one differs in color, weight, and durability. If you’re not already up to speed on the various decking materials out there, don’t waste your time meandering through Home Depot. You can get the perfect guide right here, right now without ever having to leave your home!

Choosing The Right Decking Material

Some people have trouble deciding which brand of cereal to buy at the grocery store, let alone choosing the type of deck that will be permanently attached to your house! That’s why Harmony Decking has a list of the most common types of decking material and the pros and cons of each.

  1. Pressure-Treated Lumber: This stuff is the #1 seller today. It’s affordable, readily available throughout the country and easy to work with. However, it does have a tendency to crack.
  2. Redwood and Cedar: Many people love these types of materials because of the great color. Plus, they look more natural than other types of material. Redwood and cedar can be pricey though, costing three to four times as much as pressure-treated lumber.
  3. Tropical Hardwoods: Examples of these hardwoods include Massaranduba, Cumaru and Red Tauari. Many people love the exotic feel, but tropical hardwoods can be super dense and difficult to drill through.
  4. Aluminum: Aluminum isn’t very common for decking material but it’s got some great benefits. Aluminum doesn’t crack or warp, plus it’s mold-proof, fire-proof and recyclable! But something that perfect doesn’t come without a price…and for aluminum it’s a high one! It’s one of the most expensive decking materials out there.

Contact Harmony Decking Today And Build Your Perfect Deck!

It’s never too late to consider adding a deck to your home! A deck can increase outdoor space and can up the value of your home…so why say no? If you have any questions about decking material or you want to start planning your dream outdoor space, you can call Harmony Decking at 215-290-7727. You can even request a quote by filling out our contact form! So give us a call and get decking!

What To Do With Patio Furniture During The Winter

What To Do With Patio Furniture In The Winter

It may be a little early for Christmas music, but before you know it the temperatures will drop and snow will be falling! As exciting as this time of year can be, it definitely leaves homeowners with a fair share of work to do to keep their homes safe and clean all winter long.

For those of us with well-used decks, part of our job when winter comes is to take care of our patio furniture. But does that mean hiding it inside completely? Or is it strong enough to brave the weather on its own?

In this blog, Harmony Decking will tell you about the different types of patio furniture and help you figure out which is best for your deck and lifestyle.

Types of Patio Furniture

With most types of deck furniture, forgetting about it and leaving it out all winter can cause a lot of damage. However, not all types need to be hidden away during the cold. If you’re thinking about buying new outdoor furniture and know you won’t have the time or energy to move it inside for winter, consider buying a variety that can withstand the winter months. Here’s a list of the different types of outdoor furniture:

Wicker: Leaving furniture made with wicker material outside during the winter is no good. Wicker can expand and contract with the snow, which can cause it to break.

Steel: Steel-framed furniture is another type that just won’t be able to handle the cold weather. Too much water and ice can cause it to rust or crack. Take it inside before it gets too damaged and touch up any scratches so it looks fresh for the spring.

Aluminum: This is the good stuff when it comes to weather durability! Furniture made with aluminum is the toughest of all patio furniture. Aluminum furniture can be left out all year round. So whether you’re too busy or just too darn lazy to bring it in, buy yourself aluminum table and chairs!

Natural Stone: Natural elements oftentimes come with cracks and crevices – which are perfect hiding places for water. Like wicker furniture, water can expand and contract and ruin what was once your favorite outdoor tabletop!

Fabric Materials: This one’s probably a no-brainer. Fabric materials should always be brought in for the winter. They’re delicate and weak when it comes to harsh weather and can be damaged easily.

Call Harmony Decking Today!

If you’re looking to get all decked out and want a patio of your own, contact Harmony Decking today! You can check out pictures of our work on our website. We’re a company started by two friends who value honesty, so with us you’ll always get great work for a fair price! Call Harmony Decking today so we can prove that when you work with us, your project is in good hands.

Fall is the Time for Deck Maintenance

Fall is the Time for Deck Maintenance

Fall is here and many of us are taking advantage of the precious last few weeks of time out on the deck before the temperatures drop. It’s time to say goodbye to our grills and BBQ parties and get ready to store away our deck furniture in preparation for the winter.

Pumpkin picking and leaf raking may be fresh on your mind around this time of year, but for a deck owner, now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about spring! Why now? You want to make sure your deck can stay strong during the long winter months. So spend some time this fall getting ahead of the game and prepping your deck for spring.

Four Tips for A Safe Deck This Winter

You don’t want to be stuck dealing with an unsafe deck in the dead of winter when everything’s covered in snow. So here is a list of things to do this fall to make sure your deck is up to par:

  • Check the Railings. Are your deck railings sturdy or loose? A loose railing can be a nightmare on a cold winter night. Avoid any accidents now and check your deck railings to make sure they’re safe.
  • Is Your Deck Properly Attached to Your House? The best way to keep your deck attached to your home is by bolts. Many decks are attached by nails, which won’t do the trick. So take a peek under your deck to make sure it’s holding on tight.
  • Keep It Clean. The changing leaves are beautiful on the trees, but once they’ve fallen onto your deck they can be a problem. Clearing debris off your deck can help keep it healthy and free of moisture that often gets trapped under piles of leaves. Once it’s clear, give it a quick wash with dish soap, water and a straw brush or broom to keep it clean.
  • Has It Been Stained Lately? A deck’s worst enemies are sun and water. A good stain helps protect it, but only if its done properly and reapplied every so often. A good rule of thumb is to re-stain your deck about once every 3 or 4 years.

Let Harmony Decking Help You!

If you follow these tips, you’re more likely to have a deck that’ll be healthy and safe all winter long and ready for spring. If you want to learn more about Harmony Decking or have a problem that needs work, you can contact us at 215-290-7727, or email us at Let us help you with all your deck work this fall!

Safety Tips For Grilling On The Deck

Warrington deck installation

As summer starts to wind down, you may want to bust out your grill one last time while the weather is still warm. Or maybe you want to keep your grill out for the fall, now that football season is upon us. We can all agree that there are few things better (and tastier) than a dinner cooked on the grill. However, if you’re not careful, your burger may not be the only thing touched by flames!

Grilling near combustible areas is a fire hazard — open flames and heat generated in the grill base can easily start a fire on your deck or porch. If you have a wooden deck, you shouldn’t use a charcoal grill — a gas grill is a safer option. Brick or concrete decks are safer for charcoal grills. No matter what kind of grill or deck you have, you must be vigilant and cautious at all times while cooking. Not what to watch out for? Keep you, your guests, and your deck safe with the following safety tips:

  • Make sure the grill is at least ten feet away from deck railings, siding, and any other combustible items, as well as out from under eaves and away from trees.
  • Never leave your cooking unattended.
  • Get rid of grease or fat buildup when needed.
  • Store starter fluid away from heat sources.
  • Remove charcoal carefully — keep ash containers outside and at a distance from combustibles.
  • Don’t wear loose clothing while cooking.
  • Check the propane cylinder hoses for leaks.
  • Don’t light cigarettes or matches near a leaking grill.
  • Check grill hoses for cracks, holes, scratches, or leaks.
  • Move gas hoses far away from hot surfaces and grease.

If you follow these safety precautions, you shouldn’t have to worry about your grilling techniques. However, if you’re at all anxious about using the grill on your deck, keep it in the yard. You can still enjoy eating your burgers and hot dogs while lounging on your beautiful deck furniture!

Are you in need of a deck repair, renovation, or installation? We have everything you need at Harmony Decking. Our commitment to quality and competitive prices makes us the most reliable decking company in the tri-state area. Check out our work! To learn more, contact us by calling 215-290-7727, or shoot us an email at We hope to hear from you soon!

How To Keep Your Deck Clean & Looking Great

deck maintenance

We know how tricky it is to maintain a clean home and property. If your upkeep isn’t regular, you’re going to have a mess on your hands pretty quickly. The same is true for your deck! Decks can be easily neglected, especially in the wintertime when you’re not using it. As your go-to decking experts, we’re here to give you some tips on how to clean your deck and keep it looking polished!

If your deck needs a good cleaning, here’s what you can do. First off, clear the furniture and other outdoor accessories off of your deck. Now it’s time to sweep! After you’ve swept away all the leaves, twigs, and debris, use a commercial deck cleaner to scrub your deck. You can get a deck cleaner at your local hardware store — just make sure it’s suitable for the type of wood you’re working with. If you’re using a toxic cleaner, make sure you wear gloves. You could also make your own nontoxic cleaner with two cups of oxygen-based bleach to a gallon of water. Apply the cleaning solution to the deck, and then scrub your deck either by hand or with a power washer. Rinse your deck with a garden hose, and then let it dry completely before you bring your furniture back out.

Now that your deck is clean, what can you do to keep it clean and at its peak performance?

  • Make sure you deck is sealed. Sealing your deck will protect it from moisture and sun exposure.
  • Sweep regularly. Blow debris from under and around furniture. Debris like wet leaves can stain wooden decks, and promote mold growth.
  • Clean up messes ASAP. Have paper towels and furniture cleaner within reach, so you can quickly clean up messes (food, spilled drinks, bird droppings, etc.) The quicker you clean up the mess, the easier it will be to get rid of it.
  • Protect your cushions. Store chair cushions in your garage or shed, and only use them when you need them, otherwise they will get stained and dingy with time.
  • Close your umbrella when it’s not being used. If left open, open dirt and bird droppings are more likely to stain it. Consider getting a cover for further protection.
  • Shovel. After a snowfall, be sure to shovel snow off your deck as soon as possible.
  • Tilt your furniture. After a rainstorm, tilt your deck furniture on its side to let the water run off. Getting rid of excess water will allow furniture to dry faster and keep it from getting spotty.

Your deck is an important part of your property — treat it as such! For more information about deck maintenance, repair, and renovation, contact Harmony Decking by calling 215-290-7727.