On Deck: Summer Deck Maintenance–Dos and Don’ts

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Summer is usually the time when your deck gets the most use: the warm weather, the right furniture, and a sizzling grill combine to encourage you to spend as much time outdoors as you can. If you’ve kept up with your spring deck maintenance, your deck is already looking its best; here are a few dos and don’ts to help you keep it that way through the summer.

Summer Deck Dos and Don’ts


  • Do: leave any aluminum furniture outside, even when it rains. But we do recommend tipping furniture to help water run off and dry more quickly. Keep your umbrella closed when not in use–this will protect it from dust, sun fading, and bird droppings.
  • Don’t: leave wicker, steel, natural fibers, or iron out in the rain. Water absorption will make wicker swell and break–not to mention encourage the growth of mold or mildew. Iron or steel is prone to rust, which could damage the furniture or stain your deck.


Do: sweep away debris, leaves or dust as soon as they accumulate. Clean up any spills from grilling right away–they can damage the seal on your deck. Make sure you use the appropriate cleaner for your deck material. Composite cleans needs just soap and water. An oxygenated bleach detergent or compatible deck cleaner works well with wood.
Don’t: use a power washer. Power washers damage wood or composite, voiding the warranty. Regular garden hose sprayers work just fine, even if they aren’t as fast–making your deck last longer is more important than saving ten minutes!

Inspection and Maintenance

Do: take advantage of the good weather for general maintenance. Check for: signs of rot (discoloration, cracks, crumbly/spongy texture, musty smell); loose boards; wobbly railings and supports; protruding screws or nails; wasp nests.
Don’t: forget to check the ledger board–the board that connects your deck to your house. It should be attached with screws, rather than nails. While you’re down there, check out the flashing–the material that protects your deck from moisture and debris. Harmony Decking can provide any needed repairs that go beyond basic maintenance.

If you follow these tips, you’ll keep your deck and furniture in good shape through the summer and ready for your winter weather preparations!

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