How to Spruce Up Your Deck This Spring!


The dreary winter season is just a few days away from finally coming to an end, and with warmer temperatures and sunny skies in sight, it’s time to get inspired!

Although your garage, closets and bedrooms might be the focus of your dusting and organizing, your deck is probably overdue for a makeover. That’s where Harmony Decking comes in.

In this blog, we’ll give you the best cleaning and decorating tips to take your deck from discolored and drab to bright and brilliant!

Spring Clean Your Deck With Harmony Decking

Here are a few ways you can clean, clear and enhance your deck this spring:

  • Sand, Wash and Stain: The first thing you might notice after the last bit of snow finally melts is that your deck is looking dull. Spring is the perfect time and temperature to clean your deck since the summer heat can stress out the wood. Sand and clean your deck using a soft scrubber brush and an oxygenated bleach cleaner. Then vacuum up any dust and finish it off with a semi-transparent stain to protect the wood. Voila!
  • Add Pillows and Plants: The best part about spring and summer? You don’t have to worry about snow and ice ruining everything! Decorate your deck with outdoor fabric pillows to make it an inviting hangout spot. And now that the killer cold is long gone, you can add pots of bright plants to bring your deck to life.
  • Update Your Railings: First, make sure your railings are safe (an annual inspection with decking experts in your area will help you make sure they’re up to code). If they aren’t in good shape, consider killing two birds with one stone by replacing your railings with trendy materials like glass panels.
  • Lay Down Rugs: Don’t have time to clean up the stains re-appearing from under the melted snow? Cover them up and accessorize by adding an outdoor rug.

Don’t Put Your Dreams On Hold – Call Harmony Decking!

Now that you have some ideas to spruce up your deck, get to it! Like the ideas but don’t have the deck yet? You know who to call. Harmony Decking was built by two friends who wanted to create an honest and fair business. Contact us today by calling 215-290-7727. You won’t regret it!

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