Deck Maintenance 101: the Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home and garage.  It’s a great time to spruce up your deck, not only to get it ready for warm-weather festivities, but to ensure it’s in top condition and well maintained.  This month, we’ll discuss spring deck maintenance tips, as well as a few cool ideas to bring some new life to your outdoor space!

Spring Deck Maintenance Tips

  • Remove objects.  You should have cleared off any furniture, plant pots, grills, etc. before winter.  If you did, great!  If not, do so now.
  • Clear debris.  Once your deck is clear of all objects, it’s time to clean it well.  First, sweep away any debris like leaves and twigs.  These not only look messy, but can leave unsightly stains if left too long.  
  • Wash.  Now that you have a clear surface free of debris, it’s time to wash the surface.  If you have a pressure washer, use it.  If not, the hose and an outdoor broom should do the trick.  When using a pressure washer, be sure to keep the water stream moving so as not to accidentally gouge the wood.  Allow the deck to dry thoroughly overnight.
  • Fix loose nails or “nail pops.”  If you notice a loose board, use a hammer or cat’s paw to pry out the nail.  Then, use a screw that’s longer than the nail to reattach the board.  
  • Repair split wood.  If you have one or two boards that are split down the middle, you can consider repairing them yourself.  If there are multiple split boards, however, we suggest you call us to help with the repair.  
  • Stain and seal.  Even if you have pressure-treated wood, it’s still susceptible to UV damage from the sun, and decay after years of use. Best practice is to stain and seal your wood as needed to extend its life, and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Bring Spring Cheer to Your Clean Deck!

  • Add a splash of color.  Accent walls aren’t just for home interiors.  Consider painting part of your deck or a side wall a beautiful color.  
  • Functional furniture.  Do you enjoy spending time having meals or just hanging with friends and family on the deck?  Try adding some comfortable seating and a table.  You’ll transform your deck into a beautiful outdoor living space.
  • Plants.  Potted plants, hanging plants, even a raised box garden are fabulous ways to spruce up your garden for spring.  In addition to flowers, you can even grow some vegetables like tomatoes and peppers!

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