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Deck Furniture

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Now that it’s finally summer, it’s time to bring the party outside! Spice up your deck with attractive furniture pieces that will impress all of your neighbors and friends. Before you buy any new for your deck, though, you should consider all of your options. Make sure you choose furniture that:

1. Fits your lifestyle. If you have little ones at your house, you might want some colorful plastic tables, chairs and playsets that can be easily wiped down. However, if you’re more likely to enjoy an evening on the deck with your friends, you may prefer a sophisticated wrought iron table set. Make sure you pick out your deck furniture according to what fits your needs and lifestyle best.

2. Complements your home. Why not bring your home’s interior style out onto your deck? Some things you should consider are the color themes of your home, the siding of the house, and the type of wood on the deck. To ensure that your deck goes nicely with the style of your house, pick out matching furniture and pieces that show off your impeccable taste. Choose floral patterns and wicker pieces for a beachy vibe, and bolder colors and teak furniture for a glamorous touch. The style options are endless!

3. Withstands the elements. You need furniture that will give you as many memories as possible! Pick out furniture made from durable material that will last you a long time instead of bending, cracking, or rusting. Consider the typical weather in your area and plan accordingly. If there is a lot of rain in your area, save your wooden pieces by removing them from the rain, covering them with a protective tarp, or spraying them with a waterproofing solution to keep them looking fresh and new.

4. Keeps you comfortable. Wind down after a busy day by kicking your feet up and relaxing on a lounge chair. Your deck is not complete until you get some comfortable furniture that you can take a cat nap on. Take time to select pieces that invite your guests to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of summer.

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